Dog Barricades Himself in Bathroom, Refuses to Come Out in Hilarious Video

Dogs are a man's best friend—they are always thrilled to see us, fiercely loyal and full of cuddles.

However, just like a human pal, the dog in a recent TikTok video decided that he would benefit from some alone time.

In the footage posted to the video-sharing app by @goldenlarrydavid, the dog barricades himself in a bathroom, refusing to come out.

The video begins with a couple outside of the bathroom door, as the man tries to gently push it open.

The woman can be heard asking: "Excuse me sir, is this bathroom occupied?"

The golden retriever, who is actually called Larry David after the famous comedian, then pokes his face through the bottom of the door while it is slightly ajar, staring at his owners.

The man then asks: "You've been in there awhile is everything ok?"

The dog does not react, so the woman says again: "Excuse me sir, Larry you have to get out, we have to get in. Larry, excuse me. I can't open the door. "

The dog then disappears from view as he is told one more time: "Larry, buddy you have to move."

And what does he do next? He pushes the door shut, which sets the couple off into a fit of giggles.

The hilarious video has since gone viral after being posted on May 11, having been seen over 2.7 million times, liked by more that 733,400 people and shared by 29,700 viewers.

Many took to the comments section to post their thoughts on the funny footage.

TikTok user Sylivia Marie wrote: "Y'all are like excuse me sir we've been trying to reach out to u about ur extended warranty and he ain't having it."

Another person, Annie McCrea, added: "He said 'no, excuse you... YOU have to move. Bye now."

While user6867192629414 typed: "He's having a private moment!"

Carson O'Neal commented: "Larry's really going through it y'all."

Missy Noak wrote: "He be like, need to stay here and u r just not welcome in. Bye bye."

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Golden retriever dog
A stock image of a golden retriever standing in a meadow. In the viral video a similar-looking dog barricaded himself in the bathroom, refusing to come out. Getty Images

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