Pewdiepie Isn't Gloria Borger, Or Is He?

Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg is not Gloria Borger. He just happens to play her on his "Pew News" segments on his YouTube channel. The actual Borger is a political analyst for CNN. Her twitter is mostly reblogged political correspondence with the occasional poorly spelled tweet. Pewdiepie fans have been bombarding her comment sections with memes, asking her when the next "Pew News" is coming.

When in biz Trump known for walking out of negotiations acc to those who worked for him. All that is new is old. But this not real estate.

— Gloria Borger (@GloriaBorger) May 24, 2018

Still, that's not going to stop the meme from going anywhere.

Who is Gloria Borger?

In Pewdiepie's latest video, he's taken a break from the Alinity drama and fallen back on his classic meme reviews, titled "LWIAY" which stands for "last week I asked you." He goes down the usual list of strange pictures his fans leave on his subreddit, but has just enough time to call out the OG Borger for stepping on his turf.

"I would know Gloria Borger if I saw Gloria Borger and Gloria Borger does not look like Gloria Borger," Pewds says to the camera. He calls out the original Borger and threatens her with the most serious weapon in the YouTubers arsenal: a diss track. I'm not sure a CNN analyst could handle the fire that's going to be spit out of the Pewds' vengeful mouth.

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Pewdiepie first started playing Gloria Borger in a March 24, 2018 video titled "Guess I'm going to jail…" He's mocking the popular drama channels online, like Keemstar's DramaAlert, and traditional news shows that have loved to talk about his controversy in the past. The persona appears to introduce news segments, originally to talk about how Count Dankula went to jail after teaching his dog to do a Nazi salute.

The YouTuber has a long, complicated history with traditional media. In early 2017, the Wall Street Journal attacked the content creator for using Fiverr to pay two men to hold up a sign that was, to say the least, controversial. The WSJ reporters then contacted Disney and other advertisers who were forced to pull their support for Kjellberg due to the controversy. This was the start of a long back and forth between traditional media outlets attacking Pewds and the content creator persisting amidst the controversy. Gloria Borger is a parody of all the reporters, newsmen and culture vultures who were so desperate to paint him as the bad guy for some easy clicks.

Or, I could just be looking into it too much. Either way, I hope both Gloria Borgers can come to terms with each other and maybe even start a beautiful friendship.

UPDATE: It seems that PewDiePie is back to using the Gloria Borger persona in his "Pew News" segments. The real Gloria Borger has not posted about Pewds since the change.