Photos Show Devastation Wrought By California Wildfires

Flames from a backfire burn through dry vegetation as firefighters battle the Butte fire near San Andreas, California, on September 12. Noah Berger/Reuters

Roughly a dozen wildfires have been raging through a drought-ridden California since last week, killing at least one woman and forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes.

On Monday, two separate fires annihilated homes and displaced more than 20,000 people. Schools and businesses also have been destroyed, and at least four firefighters were injured while battling the blazes.

California Governor Jerry Brown declared an ongoing state of emergency on Sunday, as rapidly spreading wildfires continued and evacuation orders were expanded to include thousands of homes in northern California's Sierras.

The scorched remains of bathing areas are seen at Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center after the so-called Valley Fire whipped through Middleton, California, on September 14. The northern California wildfire, ranked as the most destructive to hit the drought-stricken U.S.West this year, has killed at least one woman and burned some 400 homes to the ground. Noah Berger/Reuters
Robert Hooper, exhausted after several days with little sleep, is overcome with emotion while surveying his property that was burnt by the Valley Fire near Middleton. David Ryder/Reuters
Flames from a backfire on Highway 29 rise above a firefighter battling the Valley Fire in Lower Lake, California, on September 13. Noah Berger/Reuters
A vehicle and swing were scorched by the Valley Fire line in Middletown. Noah Berger/Reuters
An oven remains standing amid ruins of a home leveled by the Valley Fire. Noah Berger/Reuters
Inmate firefighters, lit by the glow of a backfire, rest while battling the so-called Butte Fire near San Andreas, California, on September 12. Noah Berger/Reuters
A firefighter sprays water on a backfire while battling the Butte Fire near San Andreas. Noah Berger/Reuters
A house burns in Mountain Ranch, California, on September 11. Noah Berger/Reuters
A home burns as the Butte Fire rages through Mountain Ranch. Noah Berger/Reuters
A firefighter works to save a residence from the Butte Fire. Noah Berger/Reuters