'Picasso' Puppy's Guilty Reaction After Getting Into Paint Pot Goes Viral

A puppy's hilariously guilty expression after getting into a tub of paint has gone viral online, as he looked decidedly shifty while covered in obvious gray splotches.

Owner AmyLeweez shared a clip to her TikTok page at the end of last month, which has been seen more than 700,000 times.

She set it to the popular track "Oh No," by Kreepa, which is what she also captioned the video, writing: "Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no!"

The adorable puppy is lying on the floor with a very forlorn expression on his face, as his owner simply says "well," as she addresses her pet, believed to be called Simba.

AmyLeweez, thought to be from Australia, walks through her house while filming, as she gives viewers a tour of Simba's movement, evident by the painted pawprints on the tiled floor.

"Loving the colors you've chosen mate, must say," she jokes as she surveys his attempts at redecoration.

She walks into the bathroom first, which has a clear trail on the tiles, before going into the living room, revealing a contrasting color scheme, thought to be the varying shades of gray as it dried.

It appears Simba did laps of the room, before knocking over a cream recliner, while there's also paint on the couch.


Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no! #dog #paint #disaster #fypシ

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

The pooch also seems to have wandered into what looks like a utility area, which could be ground zero judging by the amount of paint on the floor.

Numerous people commented on the clip, not envious of the clean-up job, while a few people compared the pup's talent to famous painter, Picasso.

Askallies wrote: "As I watched this... I began to realise that my jaw was falling further and further to the point that it couldn't fall any lower!"

Lyn admitted: "I was about say—thank Christ it's all tile! Then you got to the soft furnishings..."

Defending the pup, Sandra Turei wrote: "Listen.. he just tried to help paint the house and even went to try clean up in the bathroom, that in itself deserves a treat."

Kaz6096 thought: "Bet you won't buy white furniture again."

Sarah C Amine raved: "I like it, Picasso!"

Another of the dog's lawyers, Gmaleelee, commented: "You have no proof that he did it!! He was framed!."

While Chopsy_Mush suggested: "That dog is an artist. Clear varnish over the top. Job finished."

And Sheri added: "That's one hell of a mess to clean up."

Aside from the cost of a dog, upkeep and management is expensive, and that's not counting cleaning fees.

According to a U.S. survey by Harris Poll, entitled Pets & Finances Survey, from June 2020, dog owners spent $1,201 every year on their pooch.

The priciest items were food, at $442, following by vet bills and vaccinations at $241, with grooming in third place, at $122.

Newsweek reached out to AmyLeweez for comment.

File photo of spilt paint and dog.
File photo of spilt paint and dog. An owner has shared the aftermath of her dog getting into a pot of paint. Martin Poole / yulyao/Getty Images