Piers Morgan Claims Victoria Beckham Flirted With Him in Unearthed Spice Girls Clip

Piers Morgan is once again dividing people on social media, after claiming an unearthed clip from a recent Spice Girls documentary shows 'Posh Spice' Victoria Beckham openly flirting with him.

The outspoken journalist and broadcaster shared footage of their friendly exchange to Twitter, where it has already been viewed more than 193,000 times.

Filmed inside the newsroom at the Daily Mirror back when Morgan was the newspaper's editor, the clip comes from a documentary the singer originally filmed for U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 back in 2000.

"Do you ever literally just think, 'I've got nothing to put in so what can we say?'" she asks in the video. Morgan responds: "It used to be, when in doubt, lead on the royals. Now, when in doubt—Posh."

Taken aback, Beckham asks him: "Are you taking the p***?" but Morgan insists: "No! You're the new queen of newspapers. I've been telling them this for weeks. So, Queen Posh and King Dave."

Morgan goes on to offer her a "weekly column" with The Mirror.

"Yeah, but do you pay well?" she replies.

Amused at her response, Morgan says: "You are as tight as they said, aren't you?" which prompts Beckham to begin giggling.

"Down to your last twenty million, are you?" he continues. "Don't believe what you read," Posh Spice says. "I print what you read, what are you talking about?" Morgan jokes as the clip ends.

The documentary, which was titled Victoria's Secret, aired a year after the Spice Girls star married England footballer David Beckham.

Despite this, looking back Morgan appeared adamant she was keen on him.

"God, this takes me back," he wrote alongside the video. "Posh & Piers in the Mirror newsroom, from C4's new Spice Girls doc. Fairly sure she's flirting with me."

The singer certainly appears at ease with Morgan in the footage, which sees her leaning into the future Good Morning Britain host and, at one point, touching his arm.

God, this takes me back…Posh & Piers in the Mirror newsroom, from C4’s new Spice Girls doc. Fairly sure she’s flirting with me….🤣 😍 #spicegirls@victoriabeckhampic.twitter.com/iz9Komdwj5

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 22, 2021

Though Morgan's claims of flirtation are clearly meant in jest, they nevertheless sparked off a lively debate with some agreeing with the former editor while others dismissed the claims.

Licht_Lucia said they were "absolutely flirting" while nikkiCorden1 branded his claims "correct." Fiona_M commented, "Yep, she is" while easyrouge said Posh Spice was "definitely" making eyes at Morgan on the video.

Others, however, were not convinced. "Fairly sure she isn't" came the response from GoffNewt while jabber_gibber branded the claims simply "weird" and "creepy."Arnolangeveld, meanwhile, joked "We all make mistakes."

It didn't take long before fans began to make comparisons with another famous female figure Morgan claimed to have once gotten on well with.

DarrylKnight73 wrote: "Hmmmm she then married a multi millionaire and then Meghan went on to marry a Prince, notice a trend here mate because everyone else does." Michelleweb67 asked: "Will you target her relentlessly for years if she snubs you or denies it ?????"

Mili29 recalled how Morgan later "did not have a good word to say" about the Beckhams when they were mentioned on his show. "What? Piers turning on a couple when the female of the party turned him down previously in preference of another suitor? This is impossi...ah no, wait," Spartanvi replied.

Velociraptor198 also responded: "How many Spice Girls ghosted you like Meghan did?"

Newsweek has contacted Morgan for comment.

The clip was revisited just over a week after Morgan announced he would be returning to television with Fox News TV.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, meanwhile, found themselves back in the limelight at the Emmys where host and comedian Cedric the Entertainer singled out the couple for mockery.

Journalist and broadcaster PIers Morgan.
Piers Morgan at The TRIC Awards 2021 in London - the journalist and broadcaster has claimed an unearthed clip shows Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham flirting with him. David M. Benett/Getty