Pit Bull Can't Contain Excitement at McDonald's Meal—'Chicken Nugget Happy'

This dog's excited reaction while collecting her very own Happy Meal delivery has melted hearts online.

The now-viral video of the pit bull, captioned "Nala got a chicken nugget happy today," was posted on February 25. It now has more than 2.5 million views on TikTok.

The clip was posted on @thisisnalasworld. It showed the huge dog running to the door and excitedly picking up her own Happy Meal box. She then carried it inside the house to tear it open.

Pit Bull Enjoys McDonald's Happy Meal
Stock images show a pit bull puppy, and (inset right) chicken nuggets. A pit bull has gone viral because of how excited she got when her Happy Meal arrived. Diego Thomazini / bhofack2/Getty Images

While no veterinarian is likely to suggest feeding a dog McDonald's regularly, treats every so often are acceptable. The American Kennel Club [AKC] suggests that up to 10 percent of a dog's diet can be made up of treats, calculated by the number of calories they consume.

However, the AKC warns dog owners about feeding their pets human foods that are high in calories, due to the devastating effects obesity can have in dogs. Canine obesity can cause joint disease, diabetes and pancreatitis, according to the AKC.

Since finding her newfound TikTok fame, Nala has also been filmed collecting other food deliveries at the door. Clearly, she's not picky as she'll happily tear into a Wendy's delivery, too.

Despite Nala's adorable reaction to her food deliveries, it's not something that veterinarians encourage or condone. Dr. Heather Smith, the medical director at Felix&Fido veterinary services, told Newsweek: "You should always use caution when deciding to feed your pet any human food. Some healthy human foods are toxic to dogs, such as grapes or onions.

"We are also not very good at eyeballing portions for dogs, especially small ones. What seems like a little piece of meat or other food for us, could easily be a third or half of the total calories a small dog needs per day.

"This makes them overweight, which carries many health risks for dogs and can take years off their lives," Smith added.


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Regarding Nala's recent McDonald's habit, Smith said owners should avoid feeding dogs like humans. Their bodies simply aren't built to sustain the same type of diet we have.

"This is very unhealthy for dogs, and it brings up the points that dogs are not small people. Dogs don't tolerate the high levels of fat in some of the foods we eat, especially fast food," Smith added.

"This can trigger vomiting, diarrhea and possibly pancreatitis. A lot of pet parents just don't realize the potential risk.

"When they give their dogs food, it is typically out of love, so when it backfires in such an awful way, it's devastating. Each time that we allow them to eat unhealthy, high-fat human food, we are gambling with their health and possibly even their lives."

The dangers of feeding a dog fast food can't be denied. However, TikTok users seemed to enjoy the happiness that it gave to Nala at the time.

The video has received thousands of comments, as some people wrote about how content Nala was with the food, but others were wary of overfeeding her.

One TikTok user wrote: "Well, the Happy Meal did its job – it made her happy." However, another person was less impressed by the video, as they commented: "That dog does not need a Happy Meal, it needs a walk."

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