'Pokémon Go' Articuno Community Day: Start Time, Counters and How to Catch a Shiny

Niantic is packing the first weekend in July with two Community Day events for Pokémon Go . The first is the Squirtle Event on July 8 but on July 7, Pokémon Go players will have a few hours to capture as many Articuno as they can in Raid Battles. Thanks to the Dortmund Pokémon Go Live Event last week, the world now has three hours to capture and Articuno.

Here's all the important information about the Pokémon Go Articuno Community Day including its start time, how to catch the shiny and its best counters.

pokemon go articuno community day
Articuno will appear in Raid Battles on July 7 in 'Pokemon Go' Niantic


Articuno will begin to appear in every Gym Raid for three hours on July 7 from 2 -7 p.m. EDT.


Niantic confirmed Articuno that appear in Raids may be in its Shiny Form. Shiny Articuno's coloring is a lighter blue than its normal counterpart. Take a look at a screenshot of Shiny Articuno as it appears in Pokémon Go.


Unlike other Community Day events, the Articuno Raids need trainers to actually battle the Ice and Flying-type. Bring in a team of six Pokémon and battle Articuno with friends or other Pokémon Go players to take it down.

Articuno is four times weak to Rock-type attacks so bringing in Pokémon with those types of moves is beneficial. Tyranitar, especially ones that learned Smackdown from the past Community Day event, are a great counter for Articuno.

The Legendary Bird Pokémon also comes with a ton of Ice and Flying-type attacks so Water and Rock-type Pokémon won't take as much damage from it. Here is a list of the best counters for Articuno on Pokémon Go Community Day.

  • Golem - Rock Throw and Stone Edge/Rock Blast
  • Flareon - Fire Spin and Overheat/Flamethrower
  • Moltres - Fire Spin and Overheat
  • Omastar - Rock Throw and Rock Slide/Rock Blast

What Pokémon do you plan to take into battle with Articuno? Let us know your strategies in the comments section below