'Pokémon Go' Chikorita Community Day Announced for September

The official Pokémon Go Community Day page has updated to reveal the next spotlight Pokémon is Chikorita.

According to the Pokémon Go page, the Johto Grass-type Starter Pokémon will see increased spawns on Sept. 22 from 2 to 5 p.m. EDT. Like past Community Day events, Chikorita evolved into Meganium during the three-hour period will learn an exclusive move.

Niantic hasn't confirmed what the attack will be, but it may be Frenzy Plant, the same move learned by Venusaur during its event back in March. We will update when we get confirmation.

pokemon go chikorita community day
Chikorita will take the spotlight in the next 'Pokemon Go' Community Day Niantic

Chikorita not caught during the Community Day event can also learn this exclusive move as long as they are evolved into Meganium during the three hours. It takes 125 Chikorita Candy to evolve the Grass-type into Bayleef and then Meganium. With the increased spawns, trainers should not have a problem collecting the necessary Candy.

Another aspect of the Pokémon Go Community Day events are the added in-game bonuses. During the Chikorita event, trainers will be treated to not only three-hour Lures but increased experience when capturing Pokémon. Players will receive three times the amount of experience with every successful catch.

Pokémon Go players can also expect Shiny Chikorita to make its debut during the Community Day event. While not confirmed by Niantic, players will likely encounter these rare versions of Chikorita.

To encounter a Shiny Chikorita, simply tap on the Pokémon in the overworld to get to the capture screen. This screen is where players will find out whether the Chikorita will have its normal green coloring or will be the shiny variant. Shiny Chikorita has a more orangey yellow color to it, which you can see below.

shiny chikorita pokemon
Screenshot - YouTube

Serebii is also reporting that the dates for the October and November Community Day events will take place Oct. 21 and Nov. 10.

Are you excited for the Chikorita Pokémon Go Community Day event? What exclusive move do you want to be revealed? Let us know in the comments section below.