'Pokémon Go' Players Vote Rhyhorn for February's Community Day Spotlight

Niantic took a different approach to deciding the next Community Day spotlight Pokémon in Pokémon Go. The company let the players choose in a special vote over the weekend' and Rhyhorn came out the winner.

Rhyhorn was introduced in the popular mobile game when it released in 2017, but the Ground and Rock-type Pokémon is finally getting some much needed love.

When the next Pokémon Go Community Day event begins on February 27, Shiny Rhyhorn will make its debut in the mobile game. Shiny Rhyhorn is one of the most recognizable variants in Pokémon. Rhyhorn transforms from its gray coloring to a bright orangey-brown.

Players will be able to recognize Shiny Rhyhorn when they encounter one in the wild after tapping on the Pokémon in the overworld. Trainers can also look for the shiny symbol next to Rhyhorn's name if they can't recognize the rare variant.

Another new addition is the attack Rock Wrecker. Rhyperior's signature move will make its Pokémon Go debut during the February Community Day event. Evolving a Rhydon—Rhyhorn's evolution—into Rhyperior will have it learn Rock Wrecker as an exclusive charged attack.

This will be the only chance to have your Rhyperior learn Rock Wrecker, so get your Rhyhorn ready during the event time. It should be noted that a Rhyhorn caught before the Community Day event can learn Rock Wrecker upon evolving into Rhyperior as long as it's done during the event.

pokemon go rhyhorn community day winner
Rhyhorn won the February Community Day poll of fans of 'Pokémon Go.' Niantic

Pokémon Go players had to select between Rhyhorn and three other Pokémon for February's Community Day.

According to the official Pokémon Go blog, Vulpix, Dratini and Machop were the other choices. Here's what the other Pokémon would have received if they won the voting:

  • Vulpix: Vulpix as originally discovered in the Kanto region will be appearing in the wild and in Eggs. Alolan Vulpix will be appearing in Field Research and Raid Battles. Evolve Vulpix or Alolan Vulpix into Ninetales or Alolan Ninetales for the Charged Attack Weather Ball. Ninetales will learn Fire-type Weather Ball, and Alolan Ninetales will learn Ice-type Weather Ball—attacks previously exclusive to Castform. Shiny Vulpix as originally discovered in the Kanto region will become available for the first time in Pokémon Go.
  • Machop: Evolve Machop into Machamp for the exclusive attack Payback. This Dark-type Charged Attack will give Machamp good coverage to deal with Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokémon that might otherwise give it trouble.
  • Dratini: Evolve Dratini into Dragonite for the Charged Attack Superpower. This powerful Fighting-type attack is a recent addition to Pokémon Go and could be a strategic option for Dragonite. For example, it could help Dragonite against Ice- and Rock-type Pokémon that would normally have an advantage over it. Superpower could also help Dragonite deal with Steel-type Pokémon that are weak to Fighting-type attacks.

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