'Pokémon Go' Jirachi Special Research Tasks and Ultra Bonus Details Revealed

After what seems like weeks of teasing, Niantic confirmed that Jirachi is finally available in Pokémon Go.

Like other Mythical Pokémon, the Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon will be locked behind a quest and special research tasks that will test Pokémon Go players' skills and dedication.

The special research tasks are part of the "A Thousand-Year Slumber" quest and there are seven pages of three tasks. These 21 different tasks will reward Pokémon Go players anything from experience points, stardust, to rare Pokémon encounters. Each page of tasks completed will also give players rare items.

Here's all of the special research tasks in the Jirachi quest in Pokémon Go.

pokemon go jirachi special research task
Jirachi is finally available in 'Pokemon Go.' Niantic


Step 1 of 7

  • Catch 25 Pokémon - 1000 experience points
  • Spin 10 PokeStops or Gyms - Jigglypuff encounter
  • Make three new friends - Feebas encounter

Rewards: Mossy Lure (x1), Glacial Lure (x1), Magnetic Lure (x1)

Step 2 of 7

  • Catch three Whismur - 10 Whismur candy
  • Evolve a Feebas - 1500 experience points
  • Achieve Gold Hoenn Medal (register 90 Hoenn region Pokémon) - 1500 experience points

Rewards: 2000 Stardust, 10 Pokeballs, Incense (x3)

Step 3 of 7

  • Take a snapshot of Loudred - Snorlax encounter
  • Make three Great Throws in a row - 2000 experience points
  • Earn three candies walking with your buddy - 2000 experience points

Rewards: Silver Pinap berry (x20), Star Piece (x3), Stardust (x2000)

Step 4 of 7

  • Catch 50 Psychic or Steel-type Pokémon - 2500 experience points
  • Power up Pokémon 10 times - 2500 experience points
  • Send 10 Gifts to friends - 2500 experience points

Rewards: Charge TM (x1), Premium Raid Pass (x1), Fast TM (x1)

Step 5 of 7

  • Battle against a Team Leader three times - Kricketune encounter
  • Win against another trainer seven times - 3000 experience points
  • Win five raids - 3000 experience points

Rewards: Rare Candy (x3), Ultra Ball (x20), Stardust (x3000)

Step 6 of 7

  • Take five snapshots of Psychic or Steel-type Pokémon - Chimecho encounter
  • Make three Excellent curveball throws - Bronzong encounter
  • Spin a PokeStop seven days in a row - 3000 experience points

Rewards: Silver Pinap Berry (x10), Star Piece (x10), Stardust (x5000)


Along with the special Jirachi quest, Pokémon Go players will enjoy weeks of what Niantic is calling the Ultra Bonus.

Each week will give Pokémon Go players special Egg hatches and even the debut of certain shiny Pokémon. Niantic confirmed the Ultra Bonus on its social accounts and here is what we know so far.

Week 1 will be focused on Johto region Pokémon. The mysterious Pokémon Unknown will be able to hatch from 10km eggs, but only in its U, L, T, R or A form. Entei, Suicune and Raikou will return to Raids and Shiny Sentret and Shiny Gligar will make their debut in Pokémon Go.

Week 2 will see the first regional Pokémon get their Shiny variants. Shiny Farfetch'd, Shiny Kangaskhan, Shiny Mr. Mime and Shiny Tauros will have the opportunity to hatch from 7 km eggs. Deoxys will also be present in Raids. This special week will begin September 9, but these Pokémon will continue to hatch from 7 km eggs through the end of week 3.

The final Ultra Bonus week will bring Shiny Mewtwo to Raids knowing the special move, Psystrike. However, the big news is the arrival of Unova region Pokémon. Klink, Patrat and Lillipup will all become available in Pokémon Go with a chance to catch their shiny forms.

Incubators will also be two times effective all three weeks.

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