'Pokémon Go' Field Tasks: Which Pokémon Appear, Max CP and Everything You Need to Know

The Research update in Pokémon Go allows various Pokémon to be obtained after completing certain Field Research Tasks. These Pokémon are pre-determined and some trainers may receive one that has perfect IVs.

A few days after the update went live avid Pokémon Go players began to document which Pokémon can be found by completing certain tasks, and the minimum and maximum CP of each one.

Here's everything you need to know about these Quest Encounter Pokémon.


Over on the Silph Road subreddit, user 1Jonas7 created a handy infographic of all the Pokémon that can be caught during Quest Encounters, including their minimum and maximum CP. It should be noted if you catch one of these Pokémon with its max CP, its IVs will be at 100 percent.

Here's the list of all the Quest Encounter Pokémon found with their Min and Max CP.

Bulbasaur (387-420)

Charmander (325-356)

Charmeleon (595-636)

Squirtle (316-346)

Ekans (304-333)

Pikachu (307-337)

Vulpix (302-331)

Ninetales (875-924)

Mankey (395-429)

Growlithe (440-476)

Poliwag (270-298)

Machop (477-514)

Ponyta (602-643)

Doduo (398-433)

Grimer (506-544)

Ghastly (392-429)

Onix (392-429)

Voltorb (336-367)

Exeggcute (437-472)

Exeggutor (1192-1250)

Chansey (577-629)

Tangela (896-946)

Jynx (1022-1076)

Electabuzz (891-941)

Magmar (915-966)

Pinsir (1130-1187)

Magikarp (78-94)

Eevee (382-415)

Flareon (1186-1245)

Mew (1265-1324)

Quilava (595-636)

Typhlosion (1095-1151)

Magcargo (619-661)

Houndour (440-476)

Larvitar (356-387)

Torchic (378-411)

Numel (377-410)

Dratini (337-368)


An infographic from Reddit user Claymander posted on Silph Road has all of the confirmed Pokémon that appear from completing Field Tasks along with the specific quest(s) that cause them to appear.

Certain Pokémon are spawned by similar Field Tasks so, in that respect, they are random. Check out the complete list of Pokémon with the Field Tasks they appear from below.


Have you encountered these Pokémon yet? Which Pokémon are you striving for? Let us know in the comments section below.