Porygon Is the Logical Choice for the Next 'Pokémon Go' Community Day Event

Community Day is one of the most popular events in Pokémon Go and Niantic has announced that the next two will be decided by the players.

On its social media accounts, Pokémon Go revealed that September and October's Community Day will be two of four Pokémon choices. The choices are between Porygon, Charmander, Caterpie and Grimer.

Details about the voting process or what exclusive in-game bonuses are attached to each choice were not given, but there's really only one choice for trainers to pick and it's Porygon.

First and foremost, the Shiny forms of Porygon and its evolutions Porygon 2 and Porygon Z have yet to debut in Pokémon Go. That's really the only reason Pokémon Go players need, whether they're a casual or hardcore player.

pokemon go community day vote september porygon
The four choices for September and October's 'Pokemon Go' Community Day Niantic

Pokémon that had their Shiny forms debut in previous events will always be in the game after the event they premiere in ends, so getting a Community Day that highlights Pokémon whose Shinies are already in the game doesn't help a majority of players.

While, granted, players who may have missed out on previous events or a chance to catch a Shiny Charmander, for example, will get a better shot, the majority of players likely want to see Porygon get the win.

Besides, the only incentive to voting for the non-Porygon choices is to receive an exclusive move to battle with. As Pokémon Go players saw with August's Magikarp Community Day—a Pokémon whose Shiny form was already introduced—giving its evolution, Gyarados, a powerful attack to use in the Go Battle League or Raids was a great way to make players care about the event; but is that really the majority of players?

Now, Niantic hasn't announced what players will get during each Pokémon's Community Day if they win, but having Porygon's Shiny form debut, allowing more Porygon to appear in the wild for players to catch and earn Candy to evolve it into its two forms, outweighs Charizard getting a new exclusive move.

Charizard already received Blast Burn during Charmander's Community Day a few years back, so what else can they give it? Muk and Butterfree getting special moves that make them more viable in battle would be great, but they aren't viable options in the Go Battle League because of how frail they are. They also don't get the benefit of Mega Evolution, like when the Weedle Community Day happened. Regular Beedrill is not a viable option in battle, but once Mega Evolution is introduced it will become much stronger, so having Weedle get a Community Day makes sense.

While Niantic can blow fans away with what Butterfree, Charizard and Muk receive for a new Community Day, they don't give as much as what a Porygon Community Day would.

So which Pokémon are you going to vote for? What do you want the exclusive moves to be for each choice? Let us know in the comments section.