'Pokémon Go' Shiny Psyduck: When Can You Look for the Blue Duck

Increased spawns of Psyduck are beginning to appear in Pokémon Go to celebrate the Safari Zone event in South America.

The start of the Safari Zone in Porto Alegre, Brazil, means Psyduck will appear more often throughout the world. This will also bring Shiny Psyduck, and its evolution Golduck, into the mobile game for the first time.

However, there are differences in when the increased Psyduck spawns, and the release of Shiny Psyduck, are rolled out in each region. Here's when you can start to see more Psyduck appearing in Pokémon Go.

pokemon go psyduck
Shiny Psyduck will begin appearing in 'Pokemon Go' soon. Niantic


Shiny Psyduck has already begun appearing in certain regions of the world. As of 4 p.m. EST, the region where the Safari Zone (BrazIl) is held and the Asia-Pacific region, which includes Australia and Japan, have already reported Shiny Psyduck captures.

But what about North America? Pokémon Go trainers shouldn't expect Psyduck to appear more often until Saturday, January 26. Many trainers are reporting that the spawns began at 3 a.m. local time. That would suggest that North America will also start seeing the in-game event around 3 a.m. EST.

We will update this section with confirmation.

The Shiny Psyduck event in Pokémon Go will likely last until Sunday, January 27 so be sure to get out there and catch as many of the Water-type as you can.

Like the Safari Zone events in the past, a certain region will receive special in-game bonuses if trainers go to a specific area. It's a free, ticketed event where trainers will have a limited amount of time to catch rare Pokémon. Usually, these events unlock a Shiny Pokémon that has not appeared in Pokémon Go before.

Niantic recently announced the next Community Day event will take place on February 16 and feature Swinub. The Ice and Ground-type Pokémon's shiny will likely be unlocked in the mobile game as well. This will also give trainers the chance to evolve their Piloswine's into Mamoswine for the first time.

Are you excited to find a Shiny Psyduck in Pokémon Go ? What shiny do you hope arrives in Pokémon Go next? Let us know in the comments section below.