'Pokémon Go' Tour Kanto Bonus Event: Start Time, Research Tasks and More

The Kanto Tour event in Pokémon Go was not without its faults, especially when those who didn't purchase a ticket received the same benefits as those who did.

If you recall, trainers who purchased the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto ticket received special timed research that gave players a guaranteed Shiny Ditto and Shiny Mew encounters. To give those who got the ticket with real money a sense that they received the value of their purchase, Niantic announced a bonus event that will give new research and rewards.

Non-paying trainers who received the special timed research last month won't have their research taken away, so they can still complete it at their leisure. However, the new research will have a deadline to complete.

Continue reading for all the pertinent information you need for the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto bonus event.

pokemon go tour kanto event


The Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto bonus event begins Friday, March 5 at 10 a.m. to Monday, April 5 at 10 a.m. local time.


There will be a special list of tasks to complete starting Friday. While we won't know the exact tasks until the event goes live, the official Pokémon Go blog has revealed the rewards for completing them.

The event has gone live in some areas of the world. Here's the tasks trainers can complete.

  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends - Ultra Ball (x15)
  • Catch 20 Pokémon - Silver Pinap Berry (x10)
  • Use 10 Berries to help catch Pokémon - 500xp

Completion Rewards: Stardust (x500), Lure Module (x1), 500xp


  • Power up Pokémon 3 Times - Poffin (x1)
  • Earn 3 Hearts with your buddy - Super Incubator (x1)
  • Evolve a Pokémon - Lucky Egg (x1)

Completion Rewards: Fast TM, Ultra Ball (x15), Charged TM


  • Catch 10 Different species of Pokémon - 1000xp
  • Make 10 Great Throws - Silver Pinap Berry (x3)
  • Complete 10 Field Research Tasks - Star Piece (x1)

Completion Rewards: Elite Fast TM, Mew Candy (x100), Elite Charged TM

In addition to the special research tasks, a free bundle containing three Remote Raid Passes will be available in the in-game shop.

Niantic asks that trainers claim the free bundle and complete the tasks by Monday, April 5 at 10 a.m. local time. If it wasn't already clear, this bonus event will only be available to trainers who purchased a ticket to the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto.

Trainers will have plenty to do in Pokémon Go aside from the upcoming bonus event. Landorus has returned to Raids for a limited time, but will be replaced by Thundurus and Tornadus in the coming weeks.

Are you excited for the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto bonus event? Let us know what you think some of the research tasks will be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.