'Pokémon Go' Water Festival Raid Update: Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie Return

The Pokémon Go Water Festival has begun, and while there are Water-type Pokémon appearing more frequently in the overworld, Raids have become populated with them as well.

Events in Pokémon Go usually change the Raid Bosses for the duration, but the Water Festival will introduce not just a shakeup of bosses but bring back three Mythical Pokémon for trainers to catch.

The Water Spirits, Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie have returned in Level 5 Raids for trainers to catch. However, like their first event, these three Pokémon are region-locked and Pokémon Go players will only be able to catch one of them.

We've compiled this guide of best counters to take down Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit in Pokémon Go as well as an updated list of Raid Bosses during the Water Festival.

pokemon go water festival raid boss update
Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit return to 'Pokemon Go' in Raid battles. The Pokemon Company/NewsGeek


All three Mythical Pokémon are region-locked, meaning they can only be found in one part of the world. Here are the locations where Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit can be found:

  • Uxie - The Americas and Greenland
  • Azelf - Asia-Pacific
  • Mesprit - Europe, Middle East, Africa and India

Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit are all pure Psychic-type Pokémon meaning they are exclusively weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost-type attacks. They also resist Psychic and Fighting-type moves.

To take down these three Pokémon you should bring as many Dark types as possible or Pokémon that can resist Psychic-type attacks. Here's a list of suggested Pokémon that are best used to confront Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit.

  • Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Honchkrow with Snarl and Dark Pulse
  • Weavile with and two Dark-type attacks


The Pokémon Go Water Festival features Water-type Raid Bosses, and some of them are a bit more rare than trainers are used to.

While the event has just begun, Niantic confirmed the following Pokémon will start appearing in Raid Bosses: Lapras, Blastoise and Vaporeon. To take on these Pokémon, Electric and Grass-type Pokémon will be most effective.

It needs to be noted that Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie will only appear in five-star raids on August 28 from 6-7 p.m. local time.

Level 1

  • Wingull
  • Wailmer
  • Krabby
  • Lotad
  • Seel

Level 2

  • Clamperl
  • Qwilfish
  • Exeggutor
  • Marshstomp

Level 3

  • Machamp
  • Azumarill
  • Sharpedo
  • Vaporeon
  • Alolan Raichu

Level 4

  • Lapras
  • Blastoise
  • Absol
  • Tyranitar
  • Alolan Marowak

Level 5

  • Rayquaza
  • Uxie (August 28)
  • Mesprit (August 28)
  • Azelf (August 28)
  • Deoxys (Speed Forme - EX Raid)

What team are you planning to bring to take on Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit? Let us know in the comments section.