'Pokémon Go' World Tourism Day Event: New Research Tasks and Rewards Revealed

The World Tourism Day event in Pokémon Go is live and for a few days trainers can take advantage of a ton of in-game bonuses including new research tasks and Shiny Pokémon to catch.

The latest Pokémon Go event will take place from Thursday, September 26 to Tuesday, October 1 at 4 p.m. EDT and include more ways to get region-exclusive Pokémon.

Region-exclusive Pokémon will now hatch from 5km Eggs from now on. However, the Pokémon species that has a chance to hatch will only be from the region they are assigned to. For example, Kangaskhan will only hatch from 5km Eggs when it's obtained in Australia and New Zealand.

While trainers can enjoy more experience from PokeStops and trades that cost less Stardust, new research tasks have been added to Pokémon Go for this event only. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

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New Pokémon Go research tasks are not new during events, and like past events they are denoted through a short phrase, normally the name of the event. For this week, trainers can tell they found a new research task by the phrase "World Tourism Day" in front of it.

Here's a list of the brand new research tasks in Pokémon Go for the duration of the event and the rewards. Note: we will continue to update this section with any more research tasks that are discovered.

  • World Tourism Day: Make a Friend - Nosepass
  • World Tourism Day: Send 25 Gifts to Friends - Lapras
  • World Tourism Day: Trade a Pokémon caught 10,000km apart - Seviper/Zangoose (you get the opposite Pokémon that's found in your region)


The change of region-exclusive Pokémon coming to the 5km Egg Pool is now in effect permanently in Pokémon Go. The following Pokémon can now be hatched in their respective regions. This also includes the debut of Mime Jr. in Europe (along with its Shiny form) and the Shiny forms of Seviper and Zangoose.

Here's a list of region-exclusive Pokémon that can be hatched:

  • Farfetch'd - Asia
  • Tauros - North America
  • Kangaskhan - Oceania
  • Heracross - Central and South America
  • Corsola - Coastal areas between 26 and 36 degrees latitude
  • Volbeat - Europe, Asia, Oceania
  • Illumise - Americas, Africa
  • Torkoal - India and South-East Asia
  • Seviper - Americas and Africa
  • Zangoose - Europe, Asia and Oceania
  • Lunatone - Europe, Asia and Oceania
  • Solrock - Americas, Africa
  • Tropius - Africa
  • Relicanth - New Zealand
  • Pachirisu - Northern Canada, Russia and Alaska
  • Chatot - Southern Hemisphere
  • Mime Jr. - Europe
  • Pansage - Asia Pacific
  • Panpour - Americas
  • Pansear - Europe, Africa
  • Heatmor - Western Hemisphere
  • Durant - Eastern Hemisphere

What do you think of the World Tourism Day event in Pokémon Go? Which of the region-exclusive Pokémon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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