'Pokémon Masters EX' Halloween Update Adds New Event & 2 Sync Pairs

The next big update of Pokémon Masters EX will bring a brand new Halloween event to the mobile game, with two spooky Sync Pairs.

Starting Thursday, October 15 Pokémon Masters EX will undergo a Halloween-themed makeover that includes a brand new story event and Halloween versions of Acerola and Hilbert.

Acerola, whose base pair is with Pallosand, will now be paired with Mimikyu. Hilbert, whose base pair is with Oshawott, will be coupled with Mightyena. Both Sync Pairs will be part of the sync pair spotlight scout from now until November 2 at 12:59 a.m. EDT.

Hilbert and Acerola will both have the potential to reach 6-Star EX, which increases the strength of their sync moves and gives them an additional optional Halloween-inspired outfit to wear.

If you want to learn more about Hilbert and Acerola's new Halloween Sync Pairs, here's what each pair can do.

pokemon masters halloween 2020 acerola hilbert
Acerola and Hilbert in their Halloween attire. DeNA/Pokemon Company/NewsGeek


Mimikyu is a Ghost-type Pokémon with the attacks: Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak and Phantom Force. It can also use Boo!, which sharply raises the Attack stat. When in its Disguised Form, Mimikyu's Critical-Hit ratio is increased. If it's in its Busted Form, its Defense and Special Defense is increased.

This Pokémon's abilities include Critconfuse 9, which leaves the target confused if Mimikyu lands a critical hit. Opportunistic 9, which lowers the target's Defense when an attack is successful against a confused opponent.

And finally, Disguise protects Mimikyu from damage from a single move. After taking an attack, Mimikyu goes from Disguised to Busted Form.


Mightyena is a Dark-type Pokémon and comes with the following attacks: Crunch and Double-Edge. This Sync Pair can also use X-Attack, which raises Mightyena's Attack by two and Rawr! which raises the user's Speed by two. However, if Mightyena is affected by a Status Condition, the Pokémon's Speed will raise by three, but lowers the Defense and Special Defense by one.

The Dark-type Pokémon's Sync Move, Bump-in-the-Night Crunch will raise the Pokémon's Critical-Hit Ratio after use.

As for its abilities, Mightyena has Carry On 1, which increases the Attack of the Pokémon by one stage after a Pokémon on the field faints. Its second ability is Spur On 4, which charges the user's move gauge by four each time another Pokémon on the field faints.

And finally, Dark Shift changes Normal-type attacks like Double-Edge to the Dark-type.


Alongside the two new Sync Pairs, the "Fight or Fright" event will run from now until November 2 for players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story.

This event features Acerola and Hilbert in their Halloween-themed attire as they join the Midnight Parade on Pasio to battle various Ghost Pokémon in exchange for sugary treats.

Players can log in everyday during the event to earn up to 1000 Gems.

What do you think of the upcoming Halloween event in Pokémon Masters EX? Which of the two new Sync Pairs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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