'Pokémon Masters' Adds Professor Oak and Mew, and Steven and Metagross in Latest Update

The latest Pokémon Masters update features Professor Oak and Mew as the mobile game's newest Sync Pair.

All players have to do to recruit Professor Oak and the Mythical Pokémon, Mew is log-in to Pokémon Masters on iOS or Android to complete the tutorial. Complete the tutorial before March 16 at 1:59 a.m. EST.

Professor Oak's inclusion marks the first time in a Pokémon game where the Kanto professor is a playable character.

pokemon masters professor oak and mew
DeNA/Pokemon Company

Completing Chapter 2 of the Main Story will give Pokémon Masters players a chance to power up Professor Oak and Mew by completing "Professor Oak & Mew Special Missions." These missions will also be available through March 16.

Take a look at the official trailer for Professor Oak joining Pokémon Masters below.

Like other Sync Pairs, Professor Oak's "Sync Pair Story" tells players how he paired up with the Legendary Mew by interacting with other Legendary Kanto-region trainers like Agatha, Red and Blue.

Mew is a Technical Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters and comes with four different attacks including: Swift, Psychic, X Speed and, A World of Dreams. That last attack "sharply raises the user's Special Attack and drastically raises one of the other stats.

The Psychic-type has three passive skills. The first is "Oak's Research" which replaces some of the moves after using a Sync Move. Thunder, Fire Blast and Blizzard are the moves learned by Mew after its Sync Move.

The other is Superduper Effective 1, which powers up moves that are super effective. Unfortuitous 9 lowers a target's stat at random when an attack is successful.

pokemon masters professor oak and mew moves
DeNA/Pokemon Company

If you look closely, the above screenshot shows Lucky Skills alongside Passive Skills. Lucky Skills are an upcoming feature that will arrive in a future content update, Battle Villa, players will be able to assign Lucky Skills to their sync pairs. Lucky Skills are a type of passive skill that provide beneficial effects when conditions are met, such as when a certain move is used. Consider the moves and passive skills your sync pairs have so you can teach them complementary lucky skills.

More information on the Battle Villa and Lucky Skills can be found in the January blog.

Along with the release of Professor Oak in Pokémon Masers, Steven and his partner Metagross are also being added to the mobile game.

Steven and Metagross will only be available via the latest Spotlight Scout, but trainers can play against and alongside the Hoenn-region champion in a new story titled, "The Strongest There Is," until March 16 as long as Chapter 1 of the Main Story is complete.

Metagross in Pokémon Masters will Mega Evolve into Mega Metagross after using its Sync Move, making it one of only a handful of Sync Pairs that have this special feature. The other pairs include Korrina & Lucario, Blue & Pidgeot, Karen & Houndoom, Bugsy & Beedrill, Cynthia & Garchomp, Glacia & Glalie, Agatha & Gengar, and Noland & Pinsir.

In Pokémon Masters, Steven and Metagross is a Strike Sync Pair that comes with the moves Iron Head and Bullet Punch. It also has X Attack to increase Metagross' attack and the move "Best There Is!"

pokemon masters steven metagross attacks
DeNA/Pokemon Company

If you like Professor Oak and Steven being added to Pokémon Masters, it's worth noting the game is celebrating its six-month anniversary with free Gems. Players who log in each day from February 14-27 can receive up to 3,000 free Gems.

What do you think of Professor Oak and Mew in Pokémon Masters? What Pokémon do you want to see in the game next? Tell us in the comments section.