'Pokémon Masters' Summer Event Adds New Story and Sync Pairs With Steven

Pokémon Masters has undergone massive changes this week, but now it's ready to introduce a brand new summer event featuring Steven and Lyra.

The "Summer Superstars" event begins Friday, July 31, and ends August 17 at 1:59 a.m EDT, for those who've completed the first chapter of the main Pokémon Masters story. Summertime Steven and Lyra will appear in the latest Sync Pair Scout with brand new Pokémon that they pair with.

Steven, whose ace Pokémon is Metagross, will now pair up with Alolan Sandslash, giving Ice-type Pokémon a major boost in the mobile game. Not only is Alolan Sandslash a powerful strike Sync Pair, it adds another Hail setter. We'll get into the moves and abilities of Alolan Sandslash and Lyra's partner Pokémon a bit later.

Lyra will pair with Jigglypuff and add just the third Fairy-type Sync Pair into Pokémon Masters, after Mina and Granbull, Valerie and Sylveon. Another strike Sync Pair, Lyra and Jigglypuff, has the ability to attack all opponents at once.

Here's a breakdown of what both Sync Pairs can do in Pokémon Masters:

pokemon masters summer event steven lyra
DeNA/Pokemon Company


Alolan Sandslash comes with the attack Icicle Spear, which is a physical Ice-type attack that hits an opponent two to five times.

Its other attack is Icicle Crash, a powerful physical Ice-type attack that has a moderate chance of flinching the opponent.

pokemon masters steven alolan sandslash moves
DeNA/Pokemon Company

Alolan Sandslash can use X-Attack, which raises its attack stat by two and Coolest There Is! is a special move that raises the user's accuracy and critical-hit rate. In addition, the critical-hit rate will increase by two if there is a hailstorm on the field.

Seeing these moves, Alolan Sandslash is better in a hailstorm. While there's not many Sync Pairs that can set the weather condition, Sandslash itself can, after it uses its Sync Move, thanks to its Hail Bringer passive ability.

Alolan Sandslash also has the Snow Shelter ability, which protects it from being hurt by the hailstorm. Meanwhile, Invigorating Hail 5 powers up Sandslash's moves in a hailstorm. Trainers who use this Sync Pair will want to pair it up with Candice and Abomasnow, who has Hail as one of its attacks.


Jigglypuff also comes with two separate attacks. The first is Dazzling Gleam, a Fairy-type special attack that can damage all enemies at once and has a cost of two move gauges to use.

The other attack is Play Rough, a Fairy-type physical attack that deals massive damage to one opponent at the cost of three move gauges. It also has a low chance of lowering the target's attack stat.

pokemon masters lyra jigglypuff moves
DeNA/Pokemon Company

Jigglypuff can use Dire Hit+, which increases the critical hit ratio for Jigglypuff by two stages, and Solo Act!, a special move that charges the user's move gauge by two. It will also charge the user's move gauge by four if Jigglypuff is asleep. It also raises the user's Attack and Sp. Atk, and it sharply raises the user's Attack and Sp. Atk if they are asleep. If the user is asleep, the move restores a bit of the user's HP and removes the asleep condition from the user.

As you can see, Jigglypuff is best when it's asleep. While the enemy can put Jigglypuff to sleep with a move, it's easier to put itself to sleep with its passive ability.

Clock Out puts Jigglypuff to sleep after it uses a move on an enemy that's successful. The other two passive abilities are Mad Strength 2, which has a moderate chance of increasing Jigglypuff's attack stat when it uses a move; and Mind Swell 2, which does the same as Mad Strength, but for the special attack stat.

Both Sync Pairs will be available to recruit for a limited time, so be sure to save up your Gems and try and get them.

What do you think of the two new Sync Pairs and the summer event in Pokémon Masters? Let us know in the comments section.