Cramorant's Reveal Confirms that 'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Leak Even More

The latest Nintendo Direct had some new information on Pokémon Sword and Shield including the reveal of two new Pokémon. One of those new Pokémon in particular gives even more credibility to a months-old leak.

Cramorant is a Flying and Water-type Pokémon with an interesting ability and gimmick. Once it uses Surf or Dive, Cramorant will re-emerge from the water with a fish in its mouth. Cramorant's ability, Gulp Missile, attacks any Pokémon that damages it while holding the fish in its mouth, dealing extra damage.

If you're someone who has been following Sword and Shield leaks, then this Pokémon might sound familiar.

pokemon sword shield cramorant screen
The Pokemon Company

Back in May, a post on 4chan claimed to have information on Sword and Shield. Like many of these leaks - especially on 4chan - most fans dismissed it until the June Direct that confirmed many aspects of the post including Dynamax forms and the names of certain trainers like Hop.

Since then, the post dubbed the "Affleck leak" - named after the poster's avatar being a photo of actor, Ben Affleck - has been proven correct after each new Pokémon trailer and Direct. That includes the recent reveal of Cramorant.

Here's the part of the "Affleck leak" that mentions Cramorant.

"The best Pokémon so far is the blue seagull who, when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a Pikachu, which it launches at its enemy."

But that's not all the latest Nintendo Direct revealed that was featured on the "Affleck leak." The game's Camping and League Card features were shown in a new trailer and that was part of the 4chan post as well.

Here's what the "Affleck leak" had to say about each feature.

"Camping is how you play with Pokémon now. You'll get two toys, a feather toy and toy Pokeball, which can raise friendship. You can make curry which will raise starts and friendliness."

The League Card feature was tucked away in a line along with the reveal of a transit system and the Wild Area. Here's the line with emphasis provided by the writer.

"While there is a transit system, you will have to go through the Wild Area at times, an open world biome that has a weather system and little pockets where wild Pokémon Dynamax and have to be beaten in a four-person raid. You will randomly see nearby players and interact with them to get their league cards and items."

There's been a lot of information from Sword and Shield revealed in this leak, and there's still more yet to be announced by The Pokémon Company. Here's the rest of the leak that has not been revealed yet.

SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want Sword and Shield spoiled, turn back now.

pokemon sword shield cramorant camping sleeping
Cramorant sleeping in the Camping feature of 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' The Pokemon Company
  • Eternatus is the evil legendary.
  • Gigantamaxing is different from Dynamax as it changes what the Pokémon looks like. Meowth looks like long cat. Lapras gets layers like musical bars to its shell and musical notes. Pikachu looks like retro fat Pikachu
  • Some Pokémon, like Farfetch'd, will get regional evolutions, like Sirfechtd. Meowth looks like a ball of spiky grey fur
  • Skwovet and Greedunt are chipmunk Pokémon who will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries. If they attack, you lose half the berries that dropped.
  • The fourth gym is the first Fairy-type gym, led by an actress named Opal. Milo, Nessa, and Kabu are the first ones.
  • Before fighting the gym leaders, you have to complete the gym challenges.
    • Milo has you herding sheep Pokémon named Wooloo, but Pamper, an electric corgi Pokémon, will startle them and send them rolling elsewhere.
    • Nessa has you running through a maze where water blocks the way
    • Kabu requires you to catch Pokémon and get five points, but you have to be in a party battle with another trainer who's also trying to catch it
  • Pokémon will not walk beside you in the overworld map
  • Scorbunny will have fighting moves, but is pure fighter. It becomes Raboot, but I don't remember the final evolution, except that it looks like a fighter. It looks humanoid
    • Writer's Note: it's likely that this is a typo and Scorbunny's final evolution is pure Fire not Fighting
  • Sobble becomes Sizzile and then Intelleon, a chameleon with a spy theme
  • Grookey will end up as a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack.

Pokémon Sword and Shield releases November 15.

What do you think of the new Pokémon revealed? What are you looking forward to most from the leak? Let us know in the comments section below.