'Pokémon Sword and Shield' To Introduce New Autosave Feature?

The first mainline Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch is looking to bring new features to the franchise. And an autosave feature may be coming to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

During the Sword and Shield segment of the September 4 Nintendo Direct, fans noticed a "Now Saving" notice in the top right corner when the trainer entered a clothes boutique. This would seem to indicate that by entering certain buildings, the game will automatically save.

Check it out for yourself in the video below. The "Now Saving" notice comes around the 45-second mark.

pokemon sword and shield leak 4chan
Pokemon Company

Players of the Pokémon games may find a possible autosave feature in Sword and Shield problematic for a number of reasons.

A common method of catching special Pokémon is by soft-resetting. A soft-rest is when a player manually saves before a certain point like a Legendary Pokémon encounter and then resets the game immediately after if they are not satisfied with the outcome.

Normally, players check a Pokémon stats such as IVs or Nature, or whether they have encountered the Shiny variant of that particular Pokémon after the encounter. Players will often reset hundreds of times to get the Pokémon they are looking for.

If an autosave feature is implemented, the game could record the data immediately after an encounter or capture, making it virtually impossible to return to the original point. This is great for those players who may forget to save before shutting down their Switch or letting the battery run out, but the feature could pose problems for those who play Sword and Shield extensively.

The Pokémon Company have shown footage of the UI of the menu in Sword and Shield, and there is a save function, so the new games may have a hybrid manual and autosave feature.

pokemon sword shield menu ui save
The menu UI in 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Pokemon Company

Newsweek has reached out to The Pokémon Company for clarity on the situation and will update if more information is provided.

Sword and Shield was introduced in February and will bring a brand new region and Pokémon to the Switch this fall. Other new features from the Generation 8 games include Galarian forms, which are similar to the Alola forms of Sun and Moon. However, these forms have the chance to introduce a brand new regional evolution like Galarian Linoone evolving into Obstagoon.

Dynamax and Gigantamax are new mechanics that incorporate Mega Evolution and Z-Moves into battles.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release November 15 for Nintendo Switch.

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