'Pokémon Twilight Wings' Episode 3 Premieres Showing the Bond Between Hop and Wooloo

The latest episode of Pokémon Twilight Wings premiered Tuesday, featuring the next adventure of the inhabitants of the Galar region.

Episode 3 of Pokémon Twilight Wings highlights Hop and his partner, Wooloo, in a poignant edition of the series that deals with acceptance and knowing your limitations. Each episode of the miniseries has explored similar themes, but this is the first that showcases them from the point of view of a Pokémon.

Watch episode 3 of Pokémon Twilight Wings below.

pokemon twilight wings episode 3 hop wooloo
The Pokemon Company/YouTube

The episode titled, "Buddy," starts with Hop. He's your character's rival in Sword and Shield, as well as the young brother of Galar region champion, Leon.

Hop aspires to be the next Galar region champion and often studies his brother's matches with his partner Pokémon, Wooloo. Interestingly enough, the match Hop is watching is a recent one against Bea, the Fighting-type Gym Leader and the focus of the second episode of the series.

While Hop watches the match, he gushes over not just Leon's abilities but how cool and powerful Charizard is. Wooloo hears this and yearns to be like Charizard, but Hop continues to tell it that they are not a Charizard and can't do the same things.

This angers the Wooloo, who leaves Hop and explores the town. It continues to run into various Pokémon and tries to imitate a Charizard by breathing fire and trying to fly. This leads to Wooloo crashing down a hill into Milo's farm.

Fans will remember Milo as the Grass-type Gym Leader who uses Wooloo in his challenges prior to you taking him on.

After nursing Wooloo back to health, Milo calls the Corviknight Taxi to take it back to its owner. However, Wooloo doesn't seem keen on going back to Hop, instead seeing how well Milo treats his sheep Pokémon.

Corviknight takes the Wooloo when the Normal-type Pokémon sees Hop yelling out for his partner. Wooloo is happy to see his trainer and even jumps out of the taxi into Hop's arms.

Hop apologizes to Wooloo and says that they'll become champions together.

After the credits roll, episode 3 teases the subject of its next installment, the Water-type Gym Leader Nessa.

It's not yet known when Episode 4 of Pokémon Twilight Wings will air, but fans will likely have to wait until late April to see it. The first three episodes don't seem to have a connective arc - although there are nods to past episodes like Bea's battle with Leon - but, with just three more episodes to go, we'll see where it goes.

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