'Pokemon Unite' Patch Notes: Trevenant Move List, Price, Stats and Progression Revealed

Pokemon Unite has just received its first major patch of the year, introducing Trevenant to the fighter roster.

The update file (Version was available to download after a lengthy period of server downtime that ran into the early hours of Thursday morning.

Whether you play the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) on Nintendo Switch or a cell phone, you will need to install this update to join matches and earn currency.

The official patch notes for Pokemon Unite Version appear in the game itself. They broadly explain that there have been new bug fixes, adjustments for certain fighters stats, and updates to the shop.

What the patch notes don't really tell you is that this shop update is actually a rather major one. As was teased earlier in the month, Trevenant has now been added to the Battle Committee page.

Trevenant Stats and Price in 'Pokemon Unite'

The licence for owning Trevenant can be purchased for 10,000 aeos coins (the currency which you earn by winning matches). Alternatively, you can exchange some real-world money to buy the grass-ghost hybrid for a cost of 575 gems. This is just a little over $8.

Trevenant is classified as a melee defender in Pokemon Unite and has been branded with the 'Intermediate' difficulty label (meaning that it is ideally suited for more experienced players). Here are all of its relevant stats:

  • Offense Rating: 2/5
  • Endurance Rating: 4/5
  • Mobility Rating: 2/5
  • Scoring Rating: 2.5/5
  • Support Rating: 2.5/ 5

Trevenant Progression in 'Pokemon Unite'

When you select Trevenant for a match, you will actually start off playing as Phantump instead.

You must then gain temporary experience points (XP) to fill up the little wheel that appears next to your fighter's health bar. This process can be accelerated by defeating A.I. bots, knocking out the opposing teams or scoring goals.

Each time you fill up the progression wheel, your Phantump will level up. Once it reaches level 5, it will evolve into a Trevenant for the remainder of the match.

Phantump to Trevenant Evolution
Image shows the progression from Phantump to Trevenant in "Pokemon Unite". Players will need to reach level 5 to trigger this evolution. TiMi Studios

Trevenant Move List in 'Pokemon Unite'

As you progress through the levels, you will also be able to unlock new moves for Trevenant.

Newsweek has listed all of these below. Some of them are mutually exclusive, and you will be prompted to choose, so you will have to carefully think about which ones you want.

  • Basic Attack – The standard punch becomes a boosted attack with every third hit, dealing increased damage to opposing Pokemon and restoring your HP upon contact.
  • Passive Ability: Natural Cure – When Trevenant is at low health, a continuous HP recovery effect is triggered for a short time. The effect also reduces the cooldowns of the Pokemon's moves.
  • Level 1 or Level 3 Move: Will-O-Wisp – Launches sinister flames in the designated direction, inflicting damage upon any opposing Pokemon and leaving them burned for a short time.
  • Level 1 or Level 3 Move: Branch Poke – Aim where Trevenant jabs to deal damage to opposing Pokemon. The hit will also decrease the target's movement speed for a short time.
  • Level 5 Move: Wood Hammer – An area of effect attack that pulls enemies in front of Trevenant and leaves them temporarily unable to attack. A follow-up move is then available, where Trevenant will slam down a giant wooden hammer in front of itself, dealing damage to any Pokemon it hits and leaving them unable to act for a short time.
  • Alternative Level 5 Move: Curse – Trevenant gives up some HP in exchange for creating a cursed zone. Any enemies who step here will take continuous damage and suffer from decreased movement speed. While using this move, Trevenant will steadily amass curse power which can later be unleashed to make the cursed zone even deadlier.
  • Level 7 Move: Horn Leech – Trevenant charges forward and deals damage to any opponents in its path. Trevenant will also gain HP for every enemy collision here.
  • Alternative Level 7 Move: Pain Split – Trevenant creates a psychic link with an enemy Pokemon. Whenever Trevenant takes a hit, some of the incoming damage will be channelled to this other player instead.
  • Level 9 Unite Move: Phantom Forest – Trevenant creates a small woodland area. Enemy Pokemon within this vicinity are thrown and take a lot of damage. Meanwhile, allies are given a temporary damage buff and Trevenant itself gets a shield boost for every hit.

Pokemon Unite is free to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Trevenant in Pokemon Unite
Image shows Trevenant in the "Pokemon Unite" character roster. The fighter was added as part of the Version update on January 20. TiMi Studios

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