Popeyes Gives Viral 'Family Feud Canada' Game Show Contestant $10,000 Worth of Chicken

Restaurant chain Popeyes has given $10,000 worth of food to the Family Feud Canada contestant who incorrectly answered "chicken" followed by a cocksure dance. A clip of moment has since gone viral.

Mistaking Popeye, the cartoon sailor famous for eating spinach, with the fast-food chain specializing in chicken, Eve Dubois lost her family a $10,000 prize.

Gerry Dee, the host of Family Feud Canada, asked the two contestants: "Real simple. There's one question. Only one answer. Whoever gets it, you're playing for $10,000. That's it. Whoever guesses this wins the game. Name Popeye's favorite food."

Dubois eagerly hit her buzzer and sang "chicken," complete with a little dance. She turned to look at her family who looked shocked, with one saying: "Oh my god."

Her opponent, Logan Tomlin, then took the prize money by correctly answering "spinach."

The clip was shared on Family Feud Canada's Twitter feed and now has more than a million views.

Popeye's favourite food is... chicken? #familyfeudcanada #surveysays #goodanswer #chicken

Watch Family Feud Canada Monday to Thursday on @CBC and #CBCGem! pic.twitter.com/HmI0zQLYFD

— Family Feud Canada (@FamilyFeudCa) January 10, 2020

Popeyes Chicken responded by offering Dubois $10,000 worth of Popeyes food, in the form of a giant check with the memo: "winner winner chicken dinner." Popeyes tweeted: "Our survey says you got that right. DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes. #LoveThatChickenFromPopeyes"

.@sublimevey! Our survey says you got that right. DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes. #LoveThatChickenFromPopeyes https://t.co/OeCQYsG875 pic.twitter.com/LlfyaY83n7

— Popeyes Chicken (@PopeyesChicken) January 10, 2020

Dubois responded by tweeting: "THANK YOU #CHICKEEEN."

Host Gerry Dee tweeted: "Hey @PopeyesCA, how about doing something for @sublimevey who single-handedly brought you a lot of love today. She's been a great sport and only knows one Popeye – yours! #Chicken."

Twitter users are echoing Dee's tweet and are now calling for Dubois to feature in Popeyes commercials, with twitter user @billzoum saying: "I second this Gerry and I would also recommend @PopeyesCA signing her up for an endorsement contract, she's by far their biggest fan...lol."

Dubois told Newsweek: "I was just nervous, and I wasn't really listening, cause after I watched it, I realized that I didn't even let him finish the question. In my head, I thought he said, 'What's the most famous thing to eat at Popeyes?' I thought I had it in the bag. I thought I won."

Speaking about her family, Dubois said: "They were in shock. They literally didn't even have words to say," she said of family's reaction to her answer. "I was so confused."

She added: "I think it's hilarious. I never thought that me just simply saying 'chicken' and doing a little dance would go this crazy. It's exciting. It's funny to see myself out there and see myself on TV. It's weird."

popeyes restaurant
A Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. Eric Baradat/Getty