Portland Art Gallery Displays Poster With Donald Trump's Throat Slashed

An art gallery in Portland, Oregon, has been criticized for displaying a piece of artwork on the window that depicts President Donald Trump's throat being cut with a knife with the words "F**k Trump" inscribed underneath.

The One Grand Gallery located at 1000 E Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon has a decal of Trump being slashed in the throat with a knife on its window. The photo of the artwork surfaced on Twitter on Tuesday, with many people slamming the gallery for posting the violent image.

"Meanwhile, at One Grand Gallery. You know, It would be a SHAME if America lit them up and told them what they thought, wouldn't it? Or if maybe the @SecretService paid them a visit?" Rebekah Worsham tweeted on Tuesday, alongside a photo of the artwork.

The gallery hosted an opening reception to their exhibition titled "F***k You Mr. President" on Friday, showing dozens of artists' work from across the country, according to its Instagram page. The establishment is still facing backlash from the exhibit on its Facebook page.

"The depiction on the window of our President being beheaded is disgraceful and actually dangerous and a pretty sad example to the young kids walking by your establishment. I hope your business gets shut down immediately," wrote reviewer Curt McCaffrey on the gallery's Facebook page.

The gallery's Yelp page has also been flooded with one-star reviews and comments about the artwork. Some commenters noted the extremely graphic nature of the work, while others called the decal "disgusting."

"Your current depiction on your window of someone slashing our Presidents throat is sickening and disgusting. That's 'tolerance?' That's 'Art'? WTF is wrong with you people?" wrote Yelp reviewer Tonya W.

"You people are a disgrace you don't have to like our president but this is beyond disgusting!" Cynthia W added on Yelp.

Newsweek has reached out to the One Grand Gallery but did not hear back in time for publication.

This is not the first time artists have attacked Trump with their artwork. Actor and comedian Jim Carrey has released a number of paintings depicting Trump and members of his administration including Rudy Guliani, and Adam Schiff. In June, Carrey posted a painting of Trump on Twitter eating a child's foot with the words "Trump: The Art of the Meal" in the background. He posted the drawing after Trump honed in on the administration's "zero-tolerance" policy, which caused the separation of undocumented, immigrant parents from their children.

Celebrity Kathy Griffin was also slammed in 2017 after photos were released from a photo shoot of her holding a bloody replica of Trump's severed head. Griffin apologized after the photo was published in TMZ, saying she "crossed the line."