Portland Protesters Angrily Confront Woman Wearing Nazi Armband in Video

Video has emerged showing protesters in Portland, Oregon, confronting a woman wearing a Nazi armband outside her home.

The video shows several demonstrators yelling and cursing at the woman and shining lights in her face—a tactic protesters have been using against police.

During the clip, the woman attempts to get the protest to get away from the property while others try to push her back in.

One male protester is seen grabbing the woman by the arm and pulling her away from the door before releasing her.

One male can then be heard repeatedly yelling "go inside." The woman wearing the swastika armband goes back inside the home but continues to shout at the protesters with the door open before the clip ends.

"It was pretty surreal to see that armband," Laura Jedeed, who filmed the incident in East Portland, told Storyful. "You can see from the video that no one wanted to beat up some lady, but they needed her to stop being a Nazi."

Jedeed added that after she stopped recording someone "threw something at her window and the neighbors applauded."

Warning: Strong language.

An American Nazi in East Portland pic.twitter.com/DR2u8dLyJ0

— Laura Jedeed (Misanthrophile) (@1misanthrophile) August 6, 2020

It is unclear if any arrests were made in connection to the incident. Portland Police have been contacted for comment.

The incident occurred during yet another night of unrest protests in the city, with Portland nearing its 24th week of consecutive demonstrations.

Elsewhere on Thursday, August 6, Portland Police dealt with a group of hundreds which had gathered at Floyd Light Park on the 700 block of Southeast 106th Avenue before walking to Southeast 106th Avenue, blocking both lanes of traffic.

The protesters eventually made its way outside its East Precinct on Southeast 106th Avenue. For several hours, demonstrators crowded the precinct, with police reporting that their officers were hit with paint, rocks, and fireworks.

Police soon declared that a riot was taking place and ordered people to disperse the area immediately.

Despite the warning, protesters continued to commit acts of vandalism at the precinct, including setting a garbage can on fire and pushing it up against the front of the building.

"Several thank-you notes on blue hearts from community members which were affixed to the front of East Precinct were used as an accelerant for the garbage can fire," Portland Police said in a statement.

Video taken from the scene shows an elderly woman stepping forward to attempt to distinguish the fire and protesters appearing to try and stop her.

Local resident woman attempts to put fire out with extinguisher pic.twitter.com/tmour6tf16

— Danny Peterson (@DannyJPeterson) August 7, 2020

"As the group attempted to keep the fire ignited, several others in the group shined lasers at the security cameras affixed to East Precinct and continued tagging the building with graffiti," police said.

Several people in the crowd with "press" affixed onto them were also reported in the crowd taunting officers, as well as shining lights and lasers in their eyes and throwing eggs and rocks at them.

A majority of the crowd had left the area by around 2:30 a.m.

(File photo) People gather in protest in front of the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in downtown Portland as the city experiences another night of unrest on July 28, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Video has emerged showing protesters confronting a woman wearing a swastika armband in Portland. Spencer Platt/Getty