Prankster's Terrifying Viral Videos Branded Scarier Than Real Horror Films

A prankster's terrifying videos are going viral online as people have branded them "too real," and better than some scary films.

TikToker deengreene, who calls himself Deen, has numerous videos on his social media page showcasing his editing and green screen skills.

Among his short horror movies and "Shadow Man" sequences are clips of his online video chats, where he uses his technical expertise to project horrifying figures into his own background.

Innocent video calls with strangers take a sinister turn, as the recipients watch in horror as humanoid shapes and glowing eyes mysteriously appear and disappear behind Deen.

In one of the content creator's most popular clips, which has been viewed more than 22 million times, two girls are taken aback as a dark shape seems to materialise out of thin air.

"What the heck is behind you?" one asks, as Deen turns around and calls to his cat, which can be seen stalking out the room with perfect timing.

Their fears seemingly allayed, Deen gets up to go and fetch his pet, but as he leaves the room he shuts the door, revealing a human-like figure standing behind it, jerking its head.

As Deen re-enters the room with the cat, he holds it up to the camera as the girls shout: "There's a f****** person behind your door."

Feigning ignorance, Deen asks "what's up, behind my door?" and proving no one is there he gets up and shuts it, revealing nothing.

He later jokingly captioned the viral video "people getting scared of my cat."

Deen's skillful editing has been called out for being "too real" by people, while others have analysed his videos to pinpoint how he manages such a skillful edit.

TikTok user IIIIii pointed out: "Dude... you always move so obvious over that background and they don't see that. Everytime a straight face when you do it."

Noahtsehai said: "Still a better horror film than Paranormal Activity."

Another TikToker, called Josh, wrote: "Bro even ur cat deserved an Oscar for that, it moved in the perfect spots when it needed to."

Emotion_support_bi admitted: "I know you're messing with people, but I'm actually freaked out."

Agreeing, David Whitney707 said: "I can't tell how I feel about this. I love horror, but I like it to be not real and this feels real."

Drew Schrier applauded him, saying: "Absolute genius behind the computer screen."

While Mars commented: "I know that this is a prank and all, but I am still terrified."

Chilling hand appears on screen
Stock image of a hand appearing on a screen. An online prankster's terrifying videos have been branded scarier than actual horror films. Getty iStock/FOTOKITA