Pregnant Cat Dumped by Owners While in Labor 'in Triple-Digit Temperatures'

A pregnant cat in active labor was reportedly abandoned and left outside of a California animal shelter in over 100-degree Fahrenheit heat.

According to a blog post from the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, a pregnant cat was initially brought in on Monday, July 5. The volunteer at the front desk told the cat's owners that they could not take her in, but that their animal clinic could help with the alleged birthing issues she was presenting.

Despite the supplemental resources the volunteer provided, the cat was reportedly then left in her carrier outside of the animal center.

"We advised them to take her to a vet, that they will assist her—and their solution was to leave her at the door where we potentially weren't going to be able to fix this," dog care supervisor Ruben Cantu said in a statement with KFSN.

"Although we weren't prepared to take in [the cat] on that hot, summer day, we're always prepared to jump in and care for such innocent animals," cat care supervisor Maritza Lopez added in a statement to Newsweek.

The pregnant cat, since named Pie, was reportedly not found by staff members until more than one hour later, as she continued through her labor "in triple-digit temperatures."

The Valley Animal Center reported on its blog that Pie was discovered in her carrier with twin babies, one of whom did not survive. As they cleaned Pie and her surviving female kitten Cool Whip, staff reportedly discovered cockroaches inside the holder.

Pie also reportedly required emergency surgery after labor, as the blog claimed she was "bleeding more than normal."

"I can only imagine she was terrified. The first few days she was very on edge," animal care associate Anjanette Mendoza also told the KFSN.

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Fortunately, the "mother-daughter duo" Pie and Cool Whip are recovering well two weeks later. The shelter's Facebook page also updated followers that Pie has even taken in another orphaned kitten at the facility.

"This mother amazes us every day! We know she and her baby are in your thoughts," the center posted. "Thank you all for your love and support!"

"We love Pie! She's doing incredibly well. She and her baby, Cool Whip, are very healthy. They're so healthy and full of life that, believe it or not, they have taken in another baby, Cheesecake!" Lopez confirmed with Newsweek. "Our feisty little Cool Whip may have lost his sibling, but he now has another sibling to keep him company."

Animal cruelty became a federal offense in 2019 when President Trump signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into law. Currently, most states also have laws prohibiting animal dumping or abandonment. In California, animal abandonment became illegal after the California Highway Patrol found in the 1990s "that animals, including abandoned animals, caused 38,828 driver and passenger injuries and fatalities.

"The abandonment or dumping of any animal is a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or confinement in a county jail of up to six months, or both," California's Animal Abandonment Law states. In addition, the current California Driver's Handbook includes a section about animal abandonment, and each major highway within 500 feet of the state line has signage regarding the punishment for animal dumping.

The Valley Animal Center also noted on its blog post that summer is considered "kitten season," in which "shelters ... are reaching capacity or over capacity just from the sheer numbers of orphaned kittens being brought in or rescued."

At an animal shelter in Kent County, Michigan, a cat with dyed blue fur wandered in last week. Many viewers were initially fearful that the cat's strange coloring may indicate it was used as bait in a dogfighting ring. Fortunately, Smurf the cat has since been adopted.

Another facility in Ohio threw a birthday party for 19-year-old Sammy the cat. Shortly after the viral Facebook post, he was adopted—on the condition that his new owners throw him a birthday party when he turns 20.

Pregnant cat abandoned while in labor
Pie the pregnant cat was reportedly dumped at an animal shelter during a heat wave as she was in active labor. Since birthing her daughter Cool Whip, she has "adopted" another orphaned kitten named Cheesecake. Courtesy of the Valley Animal Shelter