Pregnant Woman's Reaction to Having Belly Touched Divides Internet

A mother-to-be shared her reaction to having her pregnant belly touched in a now-viral TikTok video, which split many viewers' opinions.

Danielle Fraser posted the video to her account @theaveragewifeau, where it has been viewed more than 300,000 times. She said that she shoved the woman's hand away and told her she was not pregnant, which sparked a divide in the comments section over how Fraser handled the unwanted attention.

According to a piece written by Robin Elise Weiss, Ph.D., for Verywell Family, some pregnant people are comfortable if a stranger touches their stomach, but others may find it "invasive."

She compiled a list of tips for those who do not wish to be touched, including blocking the stomach, patting the other person's stomach back and simply being direct.

"Some women are fine with belly touching and view it as a nice way for people to be part of their pregnancy," the piece stated. "Meanwhile, others don't feel comfortable having people put their hands on them."

In her video, Fraser said she was in a store when a woman in her 60's put her hand on her stomach and asked how far along in her pregnancy she was.

"I grabbed her hand, looked her in the eyes, pushed it off and went, 'I'm not pregnant,' and then waddled away," she said. "I'm like nine months pregnant at this point, but don't touch me."

Some viewers commented that the woman touching Fraser's pregnant stomach did not deserve such a reaction.

"Oh how terrible some lovely lady touching your stomach," one commenter wrote. "God what's the problem?"

Another commented that while they understood people should not touch others, the woman may have been excited over the baby.

"I try to educate not belittle," they wrote.

"This lady meant no harm and was probably excited for you having your baby; you didn't need to be rude or harsh to her," wrote a different commenter. "You need to chill!"

Fraser posted a second video about the interaction and explained that before the COVID-19 pandemic, she tolerated having her stomach touched during her other pregnancy.

However, after living through the pandemic, she's grown to prefer having her personal space.

Although some viewers criticized Fraser, many voiced their support.

A pregnant woman detailed an interaction she had with another woman who touched her stomach without her consent in a now-viral TikTok video. Many commenters were divided about the future mother's reaction. Natalia Kuzina/iStock

"The amount of people who [think] it's OK to touch another person is insane...You just don't touch strangers man it's not a hard concept to grasp," a viewer wrote.

One commended Fraser for how she handled the interaction.

"Friends and family shouldn't do this, let alone a stranger," they commented. "It's as if people forget personal space and boundaries."

Another shared that they hated having people touch their stomach when they were pregnant.

"My body, not yours," their comment stated.

Fraser wrote to Newsweek that she was surprised to see the split reactions among commenters and did not expect people would be offended by her not allowing a stranger to touch her.

"I just don't want to be touched," she said. "Pregnant or not I just don't want people coming up to me to feel or touch me."

Fraser explained that this was the only time during this pregnancy that someone touched her stomach, which occurred just three weeks after COVID restrictions in Sydney, Australia were lifted.

Although her stomach was touched during a prior pregnancy, that was done before the pandemic and the restrictions.

"It was a massive shock someone just decided they could approach and touch a very pregnant woman," Fraser said.

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Updated 03/29/2022, 2:38 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from Danielle Fraser.