Prince Charles Has James Bond Moment at Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Prince Charles made a James Bond-style entrance during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games on Thursday in a move reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth II's interaction with the famous spy during the London 2012 Olympics.

Charles officially opened the games in Birmingham alongside wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on behalf of the queen, who owing to her age and what Buckingham Palace has called "episodic mobility problems" asked her son to deputize.

Prince Charles Drives Aston Martin DB9 Volante
Prince Charles drove with the Duchess of Cornwall into the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in a 1969 Aston Martin Volante he has owned since 1970. He opened the games on behalf of the queen. Elsa/Getty Images

As the opening ceremony proceeded, celebrating the 4,600 sportsmen and women from 72 countries, the prince and Camilla made a special entrance driving themselves in Charles's Aston Martin sportscar—James Bond's preferred mode of transport.

The 1969 model was purchased by the prince in 1970 and has since been converted to run on biofuels following Charles's interests in reducing carbon emissions in line with his efforts to raise awareness of climate change.

The car has been photographed often since the 1970s with Princess Diana being chauffeured by Charles before their marriage. A key public appearance for the vehicle was in 2011 when it was decorated for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Following their traditional Buckingham Palace balcony appearance after their marriage ceremony, William and Kate traveled along The Mall to Clarence House in the car, which had "W" and "C" balloons tied to its trunk and a "JU5T WED" license plate attached.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aston Martin
Prince William and Kate Middleton drove Prince Charles' Aston Martin DB9 Volante from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House on their wedding day. Aston Martins are often seen in James Bond movies. Julian Finney/Getty Images

Charles and Camilla emerged from the Aston Martin at Birmingham Alexander Stadium to cheers from the crowds of spectators. Charles gave an opening address that was sent by the queen.

"Over the years, the coming together of so many for the 'Friendly Games' has created memorable shared experiences, established long standing relationships, and even created some friendly rivalries," he said.

"But above all they remind us of our connection with one another, wherever we may be in the world, as part of the Commonwealth family of nations."

"Tonight, in the words of the founder of the Games, we embark once again on a novel adventure here in Birmingham, a pioneering city which has drawn in and embraced so many throughout its history. It is a city symbolic of the rich diversity and unity of the Commonwealth, and one which now welcomes you all in friendship.

"I wish each athlete and team every success. Your hard work and dedication, particularly in recent times, have been an inspiration to all of us. It now gives me the greatest pleasure to declare the 22nd Commonwealth Games open."

Charles's vehicular nod to Bond comes during the 10th anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games, at which the queen shocked spectators by taking part in an unprecedented short film that was played during the opening ceremony.

Titled Happy and Glorious, the film showed Daniel Craig as James Bond traveling to Buckingham Palace to escort the monarch to the ceremony in East London. The queen made her acting debut for two scenes, the first in which she greeted the fictional spy with the line "Good evening, Mr. Bond," before she was apparently shown entering a helicopter.

Queen Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig
Queen Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig on November 14, 2006. The queen made her acting debut during a cameo appearance with Craig for the London 2012 Olympics. Anwar Hussein/WireImage

A stunt double dressed in the same outfit as the queen then was shown jumping from a helicopter above the Olympic stadium opening a union flag-emblazoned parachute on the way down.

The skit was widely praised, and in the same spirit the monarch made a second acting appearance alongside British fictional character Paddington Bear marking her Platinum Jubilee in June.

The Commonwealth Games runs from July 29 to August 8, with many members of the royal family, including Charles, Camilla, William and Kate, scheduled to attend events throughout.

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Prince Charles' James Bond Moment
Charles and Camilla made a Bond worthy entrance at the 2022 Commonwealth games held in Birmingham, England, using a vintage Aston Martin. The prince officially opened the games. David Ramos/Getty Images