Prince William Says Harry is 'Not Self-Conscious' During Belize Tour

Prince William said Prince Harry is "not self-conscious" when asked about his brother's dancing during a tour of Belize.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed off their moves at the Garifuna Cultural Centre on March 20, the first full day of their Platinum Jubilee tour of the Caribbean.

The royal couple arrived in dazzling sunshine and were then seen smiling happily as they "punta" danced.

Quoted by People magazine, Cynthia Ellis-Topsy, ambassador at large for the Garifuna nation, said she asked the duke about Prince Harry's visit to Belize in 2012.

She said: "I said to William that when [his brother] Prince Harry came to Belize he was dancing and didn't need encouragement. He is a wild card. William laughed and said, 'Harry's not self-conscious.'"

Prince Harry was photographed as part of a Diamond Jubilee Block Party, in Belmopan, Belize, on March 2, 2012, as Queen Elizabeth II marked 60 years on the throne a decade ago.

The light-hearted exchange comes on the back of a years-long rift between the brothers, which was first publicly acknowledged by Harry in October 2019.

There have also been months of tension in the fallout from Prince Harry's Oprah Winfrey interview in March 2021.

However, if there remains any ill will between the brothers Prince William did not let it show during the landmark tour.

Ellis-Topsy added: "I said, 'I'll hold your hand and we will do it together.' He did dance and it was beautiful. [Kate] was a bit nervous and she certainly appreciated the children.

"We need to change the mindset and that's best through the children."

Vkeveen Martinez, 15, a member of Light of Hopkins dance group, danced with William.

Quoted by People, she said: "It was amazing. It was a lot to get a prince out to dance, and I held his hand."

The teenager asked William what it was like living in a castle and said he replied: "It's tricky—my grandmother lives there."

The warm moment came after a rocky start to the couple's Caribbean tour.

They were originally scheduled to visit Indian Creek, in Belize, but had to cancel after protests over where they planned to land their helicopter.

The dispute also related to a long-running conflict between the local community and conservation charity Flora and Fauna International (FFI), of which William is patron.

The royal couple sidestepped the drama by changing their itinerary but another protest awaits on the horizon as they prepare for the next step of their tour in Jamaica.

Advocates Network, a coalition of activists and equalities organizations, is planning a demonstration at 10.30 a.m. on March 22, at the British High Commission, in capital city Kingston.

The group published an open letter to William and Kate calling for them to apologize for the British Empire.

The document, seen by Newsweek, read: "We note with great concern your visit to our country Jamaica, during a period when we are still in the throes of a global pandemic and bracing for the full impact of another global crisis associated with the Russian/Ukraine war."

It added: "We see no reason to celebrate 70 years of the ascension of your grandmother to the British throne because her leadership, and that of her predecessors, has perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in the history of humankind."

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Prince William and Prince Harry Dancing
Prince William dances at a Garifuna community cultural center in Belize on Sunday, March 20. Prince Harry dances during a Jubilee Block Party on March 2, 2012 in Belmopan, Belize. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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