Pro-Ukraine Photos, Videos Around the World Go Viral

Thousands of people from around the world have taken to the streets to declare their support for Ukraine following Russia's invasion of the country late Wednesday night.

Now-viral photos and videos show protesters marching through major cities such as Tel Aviv, Israel, and Berlin, Germany, in solidarity with Ukraine. Elsewhere, famous structures have been lit up to display the colors of Ukraine's flag—blue and yellow—and Russian embassies have been graffitied.

Even the streets of Moscow were filled with anti-war protesters Thursday, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's insistence that Russia had "no choice" but to invade Ukraine in order to defend itself.

In response to the invasion, President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the U.S. and its European allies will enact economic sanctions against Russia, its largest banks and "wealthy individuals," Newsweek previously reported.

But as the world continues to craft its response to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, here are some of the ways people and governments have already begun to show their solidarity with Ukraine.


Approximately 2,500 people gathered on Thursday night at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany—which was lit up with Ukraine's colors—to protest the Russian invasion, The New York Times reported. According to journalist Emmanuelle Chaze, whose video from the protest has received more than 25,000 views on Twitter, the Berliners gathered "do not want a war, they want Russian president Putin to withdraw his troops out of Ukraine."


A viral photo from Dublin, Ireland, shows red paint thrown on Russia's national coat of arms outside the city's Russian embassy.


In London, England, a video message from Ukrainian anti-corruption activist, Daria Kaleniuk, was displayed outside the Russian embassy in London.

"Ukraine is in big danger," she said at the beginning of her message. "Vladimir Putin decided to invade my country ... in order to destroy the entire existence of my country."

Also in London, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) displayed Ukraine's colors.

"The United Kingdom stands with the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia's unprovoked attack on freedom and democracy," FCDO tweeted

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's residence, 10 Downing Street, was also lit up blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine.

Tel Aviv

Avi Mayer, managing director of public affairs for the American Jewish Committee, shared a video that shows hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a majority of the protesters were members of Israel's Ukrainian community.

New York City

On Thursday afternoon, rally-goers gathered together in New York City's Times Square to sing the Ukrainian national anthem and wave the country's flag.

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10 Downing Street
Thousands of people from around the world have taken to the streets to declare their support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion of the country. Pictured above is 10 Downing Street, London, England. Jeff J Mitchell / Staff/Getty