Commander Holly Defends ProJared, Claims YouTuber's Ex-Wife 'Abused' Him

The ProJared saga continues. YouTuber Jared Knabenbauer once boasted more than a million followers on his channel, which has mainly focused on Nintendo games. Now, he's been catapulted into the spotlight after his ex-wife accused him of cheating on Twitter, while others claimed he had sent them lewd pictures while they were underage. The scandal quickly blew up, with ProJared becoming a trending term worldwide on the day the allegations were revealed.

On May 17, Knabenbauer released a statement addressing the allegations put forward by his ex-wife Heidi O'Farrell about their relationship. He claimed O'Farrell had pushed for an "open, polyamorous marriage," that she had "taken several casual partners" while being in a "more serious relationship with another partner since 2017" and asserted his desire to keep their relationship struggles.

O'Farrell responded to these claims with confusion. "If Jared wants to keep any of this private, he's welcome to stop gaslighting me and shifting blame for everything he has absolutely, unequivocally done," O'Farrell tweeted. She goes on to say that Holly Conrad, known online as Commander Holly, had feelings for Knabenbauer. Since she didn't want to lose her marriage, O'Farrell told Conrad and Knabenbauer that they could see other in a more intimate setting. After a single meeting between the pair, O'Farrell became uncomfortable with the arrangement and called it off.

There was radio silence from every party Friday until Monday night, when Conrad shared a long series of tweets containing text messages with share her side of the story. After many online targeted her for sleeping with Knabenbauer, Conrad admitted herself to the hospital after having "self-harm thoughts." She goes on to call Knabenbauer's relationship with O'Farrell "abusive," claiming O'Farrell wanted to maintain complete control over her husband. Conrad posted tweets showing that O'Farrell consented to the open relationship before quickly changing her mind and called her in a rage saying "I WANT MY HUSBAND TO THINK OF ME NOT YOU DURING SEX!"

Conrad also claimed that O'Farrell had been "bragging" on Facebook about the divorce and how she had attempted to steal Knabenbauer's golden Play button, awarded to YouTubers who break a million subscribers. "She began using the attention from the crisis to promote herself," Conrad wrote. After the allegations came to light, ProJared lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers, meaning he no longer had a million subs. According to O'Farrell, she was just making a joke.

O'Farrell was quick to respond, denying most of Conrad's allegations. Though she was comfortable with the idea of Conrad and Knabenbauer at first, but once the pair went radio silent on their first meeting she no longer felt comfortable with the arrangement.

Both Conrad and O'Farrell chose not to speak about the allegations of Knabenbauer sending unsolicited nude pictures to underage fans. Newsweek reached out to Conrad for comment and did not receive a reply in time for publication.

This whole situation has been fueled by internet in-fighting, with some users choosing to stand for "Team Holly" or "Team Heidi."

Commander Holly Defends ProJared, Claims YouTuber's Ex-Wife 'Abused' Him | Gaming