Las Vegas Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong in Viral Video

Popping the question should be a moment that both parties remember for the rest of their lives.

However, when one man decided to ask for his girlfriend to be his wife while in Las Vegas, the moment was made even more unforgettable by a rather embarrassing mishap.

Footage posted to TikTok, by creator Pmarie22, shows a woman's now-fiancé asking for her hand in marriage during a gondola ride at The Venetian Las Vegas resort in Nevada.

The scene, which was being filmed from the balcony above an indoor canal, begins with the pair sat side by side as a gondolier punts them through the water.

The man, who is wearing khaki-colored shorts and a jacket, then stands up, before getting on his knees with a ring outstretched to ask the masked woman to marry him.

She appears to say yes, and as he stands up to put the ring onto her finger, he loses his balance and topples into the water.

Now drenched, and attracting a crowd of onlookers, he holds the ring aloft to prove he still has it before placing it on her finger.

The camera then cuts to the man walking up the stairs with his arms raised in triumph, as the crowd applauds.

The next shot is of the happy couple standing side by side, laughing as the bride-to-be shows off her ring.

The hilarious footage is captioned: "PROPOSAL GONE(Dola) WRONG #lasvegas #venetian #proposal #ohno #foryoupage #foryou."

Posted on February 21, the clip has since been viewed more than 1.5 million times and received over 158,300 comments. It has also gone viral having been shared 18,400 times.

Many took to the comments section to share their views on the humorous accident.

One TikTok user, Anonymous, wrote: "not gone wrong they just made a great story to tell their kids."

Another person, user4952551651846, added: "I got proposed there too but he didn't stand up thank god he just kneeled and popped the question."

Dominick Creech commented: "That's a proposal done right because she will never forget it and it's unique to them."

Whereas Nas joked: "At least if she said no he could have just swam away."

This is not the only footage of a marriage proposal to have gone awry.

Back in 2018, a proposal in New Mexico was not filmed after the man's 71-year-old grandfather accidentally held the camera the wrong way round and videoed himself.

The wholesome footage of his heartfelt reaction served to make the moment even more special.

Additionally, in the same year, an engagement ring was dropped down a grate in Times Square, New York, during a proposal.

According to the Associated Press, the pair appealed to the police for help after losing the ring, but they were unable to locate it.

However, after a continued search happened once the couple had left Times Square emergency services eventually found it.

"WE HAVE YOUR RING!" the NYPD's Midtown North Precinct tweeted after the jewelry was recovered.

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A stock image of an engagement ring being held up as a woman looks surprised. In the TikTok video a marriage proposal went very wrong when the groom-to-be fell off a gondola into the water. Getty Images