Proud Boys Member Tusitala Toese Decries Police For Not Protecting Him in Portland

Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, a convicted member of the right-wing Proud Boys group, has slammed the police for not protecting him during a Portland rally on Sunday night that turned violent.

Toese made the comments in a video interview with right-wing journalist Tara Szczepanski for her website Polish American Brotherhood."

"To all those cops out there at the moment, you put that, f***ing duty down and stand down because of the orders from a tyrant? You're a disgrace to that f***ing patch," Toese said.

"Throw it down and f***ing walk out. Because we're sick and tired and I know days from now I might be arrested," he said, his voice cracking like he is on the verge of tears.

now he’s crying about how the cops didn’t protect them

— connor 🌹 (@alsoconnor) August 22, 2021

Toese is a regular at Proud Boy rallies in Portland and Vancouver, Washington. In October 2020, he was sentenced to six months in Portland jail after violating his probation.

He had previously pleaded guilty to an assault charge in January that year that stemmed from a beating in Northeast Portland in 2018.

Toese was among hundreds of protesters who clashed in downtown Portland on Sunday night. Proud Boys and left-wing Antifa supporters came to head-to-head in violence that resulted at least one man being arrested for firing a gun at demonstrators.

The unrest began as far right groups gathered for an event at around 4 p.m. on Sunday called "Summer of Love", on the anniversary of an extremely violent clash in the city last summer, which resulted the death of a right-wing protester.

Toese was emceeing at the event, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Tiny emceeing the "Summer of Love" event, threatens violence against trans people. Video by @_jlevinson

— Ryan Haas (@ryanjhaas) August 22, 2021

That afternoon, roughly 300 left-wing protesters arrived at Tom McCall Waterfront Park to protest the Proud Boys gathering, according to Oregon Live.

Proud Boys fired rounds from airsoft gardens, while Antifa activists threw fireworks, The Guardian reported.

The gun fight took place soon after 6 p.m., when Antifa activists were trying to follow a man at a distance who they were trying to get to leave an area, he took cover behind an electrical substation box, and started firing with a handgun, the paper reported.

He fired at least twice before an Antifa activist returned fire with their own handgun.

Videos and photos shared to social media show the use of pepper spray, paintball guns, fireworks and other explosive devices on Sunday.

When the violence first broke out that afternoon, freelance reporter Sergio Olmos tweeted that police were "nowhere to be seen", alongside an image of a vandalised white van that was flipped on its side.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said during a press conference on Friday that officers would not necessarily intervene to break up fights between the activists.

"Just because arrests are not made at the scene when tensions are high, does not mean that people won't be charged with crimes," Lovell said.

Portland has been a battleground between left- and right-wing activists since the police killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 last year.

Last summer, Portland saw violent demonstrations almost on a daily basis. On August 7 this year, local media reported that Antifa and Proud Boys activists clashed, exchanging paint balls and pepper spray following an open-air meeting led by a conservative pastor.

Newsweek has contacted Portland Police for comment.

Tusitala "Tiny" Toese at Proud Boy rally
Proud Boys member Tusitala "Tiny" Toese gives a speech during a far-right rally on August 22, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Toese decried the police for not protecting him at the rally before violence between right-wing and left-wing protesters broke out. MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLAND/Getty