Alleged Proud Boys Members Pepper Sprayed After Trying to Disrupt Drag Show

Alleged members of the Proud Boys attempted to disrupt a drag show at a restaurant in Woodland, California, and a video of them being pepper-sprayed has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred at an event to mark the end of Pride month on Thursday night around 8:30 p.m.

A video of the protestors has shown them attempting to gain entrance to The Mojo Lounge bar and restaurant was posted by ABC10 journalist Luke Cleary. The video has so far been viewed over 570,000 times on Twitter.

"Alleged Proud Boys members attempted to get into The Mojo in Woodland, California and are met with pepper spray," he captioned the video.

"The bar had planned an all-ages Drag Show tonight, which was postponed due to security concerns," he added.

In the video, protestors wearing glasses, hats and balaclavas can be seen attempting to gain entrance to the bar. Police were also outside as a security measure and are seen in the video.

The alleged Proud Boys then attempted to storm the restaurant while demanding to know how many children were in attendance at the show.

The group is then pepper-sprayed by someone inside the bar, causing the group of protestors and police to back away from the door.

Videos shared on social media by KCRA's Lee Anne Denyer show the alleged Proud Boys continue to hurl abuse in the direction of the bar despite the police presence.

The event was initially canceled due to safety concerns but after enough people turned out, a scaled-down version of the event was held, according to Denyer

"There was kind of rumors that things were brewing on main street but there was obviously a presence by the Woodland Police Department so that made us feel more comfortable. Then it escalated, it escalated pretty quickly," Julie Ramos, who attended the event, told KCRA 3 News. "This really was a positive event and everyone was having a great time. So I think most people were angry but I would say resilient."

The group did eventually leave voluntarily and authorities remained on watch. Police are in the process of identifying the group of people that were involved.

"There was an altercation, obviously people are here and are upset about the bar having their Pride event," Anthony Cucchi, the deputy chief of the Woodland Police Department said. "We tried to intervene as quickly as we could, it was a pretty chaotic scene. Our main priority was to get a safe scene and then make sure anybody that needed help got the help that they needed. We will work on the investigation."

Newsweek has reached out to the Woodland Police Department and The Mojo Lounge bar for comment.

Proud Boys
Counter protesters wearing the yellow and black colors and insignia of the Proud Boys gather outside the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas on May 28, 2022. Alleged Proud Boys members attempted to disrupt a drag show at a restaurant in Woodland, California, and a video of them being pepper-sprayed has gone viral on social media. Patrick T. Fallon/Getty