California GOP Group Calls on Proud Boys Member Jeffrey Perrine To Resign

The Sacramento County's Republican Party Central Committee is calling for one of its members to resign after he admitted to being part of the far-right Proud Boys group.

Recently elected Jeffrey Perrine is being urged to step down by Chair Betsy Graves Mahan due to his affiliation with the group, describing their views and actions are "inconsistent with the values of the Republican Party."

In an interview with The Sacramento Bee, Perrine admitted that he is a member of the Proud Boys, listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Canada classed the group, which was part of the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol as a terrorist entity on Monday.

"I've been a member, but I'm not a head or an officer of any kind in any organization," Perrine said. "Yeah, I'm still with the Proud Boys. I'm just a member. I'm a part of a fraternity."

In a follow up interview with The Bee, Perrine confirmed that Mahan is calling for his immediate resignation.

"They're not even willing to allow me to be in the party because I'm a Proud Boy," Perrine said.

"They clearly don't appreciate freedom of speech. I'm a member of the Proud Boys. I'm not with the KKK. I'm not an officer [with the Proud Boys]. I don't have a tattoo on my body."

Speaking to ABC 10, Mahan said that Perrine had previously denied he was associated with the extremist group, before stating the opposite during an interview with The Bee.

"When I first had a conversation with Mr. Perrine, he said he was not a member of the Sacramento Proud Boys as The Bee was reporting," Mahan said.

"Later, he told The Bee he was a member of the national organization, but not the local one."

Perrine also defended a 2018 video filmed in Portland, Oregon, the city where the Proud Boys have staged a number of violent demonstrations down the years.

During the clip, Perrine uses a bullhorn to say "all the illegals trying to jump over our border, we should be smashing their heads into the concrete." He claimed the statement was not racist.

An email from the Sacramento County Republican Party stating their reasons for the calls for his resignation were shared by Perrine.

"Prior to the publishing of today's article, you led us to believe you had not been a member of the Proud Boys since 2018, which according to your words is not true," the email from the central committee read.

"Rather than denouncing your previous statement regarding violent acts toward illegal immigrants, you doubled down by saying it was not racist."

The Sacramento County Republican Party has been contacted for further comment.

Proud Boys
Members of the Proud Boys join supporters of US President Donald Trump as they demonstrate in Washington, DC, on December 12, 2020. The Sacramento County Republican Party is calling for the resignation of a recently-elected member of their Central Committee who is affiliated with the far-right group. JOSE LUIS MAGANA/AFP/Getty