Proud Boys Leader Says Antifa 'Fear Us' After Washington D.C. Clashes

One of the leading members of the Proud Boys group has boasted about the violence that broke out in Washington over the weekend, which saw their supporters being stabbed and a Black Lives Matter banner torn from a church and set on fire.

Joe Biggs, who organizes the rallies for the far-right group, described how Proud Boys will "stand against evil" and how antifa protesters "got busted up" during violent clashes in the capitol on Saturday.

The altercations between the opposing sides erupted in the wake of largely peaceful rallies by Donald Trump supporters who continue to push disputed and unproven claims that the president lost the election to Joe Biden because of widespread voter fraud.

One man was arrested on Sunday in connection with a knife attack at a bar on Saturday night.

The Metropolitan Police Department said Phillip Johnson, 29, of Northeast, has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after an altercation broke out at Henry's Bar in the 500 block of 11th Street, Northwest at around 9 p.m.

Video later emerged showing a male in a black hooded top brandishing a knife while confronting Proud Boys supporters, who are urging him to leave. The suspect is then attacked by the group and beaten to the ground as he attempts to run down the street.

An officer then intervenes while several people, including Proud Boys and people in red MAGA caps, appear to punch and kick the man.

DC Police confirmed that four people received non-life-threatening injuries after being stabbed during the altercation.

At least two of the injured—Jeremy Bertino, of Locust, North Carolina, and Corey Owen Nielsen of Robbinsdale, Minnesota—have been identified as Proud Boys supporters.

Writing on Parler, Biggs decried the media reports regarding the violence, while denouncing the antifa protesters he said attacked them.

"Looking over coverage of our event. Every single outlet made it seem to the American people we stabbed 4 people. No we got stabbed. We also whooped their asses," Biggs wrote. "The media lies. And as the media lies and the masses believe [our] country dies.

"Antifa talked s**t all week and got busted up. We came in and had them running.They fear us. They should," Biggs added.

"We will fight for the family. Our women. Our children. Our country but most of all. God. This is a country founded on Christianity and it will always be a Christian nation. No matter of Marxism will bring us down."

Minutes before the stabbing took place, Proud Boys supporters were seen ripping off a Black Lives Matter sign displayed outside the Asbury United Methodist Church.

Their members then set fire to the banner on the street, an act which the church's senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Ianther M. Mills, said was "reminiscent of cross burnings."

Now they’re burning it.

— Sawyer Hackett (@SawyerHackett) December 13, 2020

On encrypted messaging service app Telegram, a video posted on one of the Proud Boys' channels also shows members ripping up a BLM banner.

"More degenerate communist propaganda removed and destroyed by Proud Boys," a caption read.

Discussing setting the sign on fire, Biggs claimed the act was not racially motivated =.

"BLM burnt cites to the ground and we took a Sign from a piece of plywood not attached to a church and burned it and now it's being labeled a hate crime," Biggs wrote.

"How about the videos of blacks attacking whites for being black. How about antifa hunting down and killing trump supporters. Zero. Zip. Silence. We will not stand by. We will not come comply. We will rise. We will defeat evil. We are the proud boys."

In a statement, Washington Mayor Murial Bowser condemned the incident involving the Asbury United Methodist Church, adding that an attack of any faith-based organization is an "attack on all of us."

"This weekend, we saw forces of hate seeking to use destruction and intimidation to tear us apart. We will not let that happen, and continue to stand together strong and United to Love," Bowser added.

proud boys
Members of the Proud Boys kick a member of antifa on the ground during a protest on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC. Stephanie Keith/Getty