Newly Confirmed PS5 Details Support Previous Leak of Possible Launch Titles and Specs

On Tuesday, Sony's lead console architect, Mark Cerny, offered up the first official next-generation hardware details on the PS4's successor, which we'll dub "PS5" from now on. (The console does not yet have an official name.) Cerny's announcement about PS5's hardware also corroborates some rumors posted by an anonymous European AAA developer on Pastebin last December.

The developer described the upcoming console as using a Ryzen CPU, a Navi GPU, raytracing, and 8k upscaling, all elements Cerny confirmed the PS5 would house during his interview with Wired.

Notably, the anonymous December post had predicted a small PS5 reveal in Q2 2019, with a full reveal occurring in June. We just experienced that "small" Q2 reveal in the Wired interview, again adding credence to the anonymous poster's claims.

The Pastebin leak details more than just hardware; the user claims to have insider knowledge regarding the Dualshock 5, PlayStation Plus changes, PSVR2, the console's price, supposed launch window and even a handful of PS5 launch titles.

If the information is accurate, PS5 will launch for $500 in either March 2020 or November 2020, with seven exclusive titles and five multiplatform games. Exclusives titles are said to consist of Gran Turismo 7 VR, Last of Us Part II Remastered, Ghost of Tsushima Remastered, a PUBG 4K free-to-play edition, a few PSVR games, and two to three currently unknown AAA titles. The anonymous leaker also notes Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 should launch for the new console in 2021.

Their supposed multiplatform title list is a bit shocking. Allegedly, the PS5's launch will include the previously leaked Harry Potter game, Battlefield Bad Company 3, a new Assassin's Creed, and GTA VI. They state GTA VI will launch during the Holiday 2020 season and Sony is paying "huge money" for one month timed exclusivity rights to the game.

The Pastebin post predicted PS Plus will expand to two-tier service: PS Plus and PS Plus Premium. The premium edition will supposedly grant users exclusive, early-access betas and the ability to create private servers.

Its description of PSVR2 suggests the peripheral will have far fewer wires than the first, with power drawn from a rechargeable battery that lasts four to five hours per charge. It also states to expect a much higher resolution, more AAA VR titles, and a $250 price point for the headset.

The Dualshock 5 is said by the leaker to feature an internal camera for VR and more precise analog abilities, similar to Steam's trackpad. This is supported by a patent Sony filed for a touchscreen controller last November.

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Newly Confirmed PS5 Details Support Previous Leak of Possible Launch Titles and Specs | Gaming