PS5 Restock Update for GameStop, Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, Best Buy and More

If you are hoping to take advantage of a last-minute PS5 restock before Christmas Day, you will find that you are facing stiff competition from like-minded shoppers.

Fortunately, drops have been a lot more frequent lately. Outlets such as Walmart, GameStop, and Target have all replenished their inventories over the past week, so it is definitely worth monitoring the situation.

In fact, at least three restocks have been confirmed for the period from today to New Year's Day. Here is the latest for every major retailer in the U.S.

GameStop PS5 Restock

At the time of writing, your best bet for getting a PS5 is to check if there are any available at your local GameStop.

A synchronised restock is taking place throughout the country today (December 17) at a selection of the chain's outlets. This is an in-store only event, meaning you cannot place an order on the website for delivery.

You will need to physically travel to one of the participating retailers and hope that units are still available. You can find the full list of stores that are taking part in this event here.

In order to make a purchase today, you will need to be registered as one of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Joining this loyalty scheme will cost you an annual fee of $14.99.

Check PS5 restock at GameStop

Amazon PS5 Restock

You are currently unable to add a PS5 to your Amazon basket. The description on the product page indicates that the retailer is unsure when the item will next be in stock, but it has been confirmed that there will be a drop for Prime members only sometime between now and December 31.

To be alerted as soon as this happens, follow dedicated console trackers such as @GYXdeals and @Wario64 on Twitter and turn on notifications.

Check PS5 restock at Amazon

Newegg PS5 Restock

A PS5 bundle is featured in the December 17 Newegg shuffle.

Entering this lottery draw gives you a chance of being randomly selected to purchase the next-gen console. However, this outcome is not guaranteed.

If you are one of the lucky few, you will be able to buy the PS5 (in the standard white design or in red) with an extra DualSense controller and a PDP media remote, for $504.97.

The shuffle draw will remain open for just one day.

Check PS5 restock at Newegg

Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart replenished its supplies of PS5 and Xbox Series X units on Monday, December 13, at the merchant's preferred time of 3 p.m. ET.

Although those consoles are now completely sold out, you can try browsing the online marketplace for second-hand machines. Walmart allows third parties to trade on its website, so you can often find used PS5s up for grabs there.

If you decide to do this, just be careful that you do not get ripped off or pay an extortionate price. Many of these consoles are listed by scalpers, who stockpile coveted items and then sell them on for inflated rates.

For example, there is currently a PS5 listed on the website for $989, which is nearly double the recommended manufacturer's price.

Check PS5 restock at Walmart

Sam's Club PS5 Restock

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Sam's Club coordinated a PS5 restock.

For a brief period, the Sony console was available in a bundle that shipped with a disc copy of the excellent Spider-Man: Miles Morales game and a spare DualSense controller.

Those supplies were exhausted almost immediately and the PS5 is not currently available from Sam's Club.

Check PS5 restock at Sam's Club

Target PS5 Restock

There was also a drop at Target yesterday, but solely for the PS5 Digital Edition.

Again, the inventory was limited so customers had to be quick on the draw. There have been no restocks at Target since then.

Check PS5 restock at Target

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Shoppers apparently had better luck with Best Buy's recent drop, with multiple wins being reported on social media.

The merchant's inventory was replenished at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday, December 16. These supplies have now been depleted and you cannot get a PS5 from Best Buy.

Check PS5 restock at Best Buy

Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline does not have the PS5 in stock right now, but it is selling a few Xbox Series S bundles.

To find out more about these deals, check out our separate update on the availability of Microsoft's console.

Check PS5 restock at Antonline

Costco PS5 Restock

Costco is not selling either the disc or digital edition of the PS5 right now. For timely updates , we recommend that you follow the likes of @GYXdeals and @Wario64 and turn on notifications.

Check PS5 restock at Costco

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PS5 Logo Appears in Electronics Store
Image shows the PS5 logo on display in an electronics store. There have been a number of restocks lately for the next-gen console. Charly Triballeau/Getty Images