How To Unlock Photo Mode Gadget and Filters In 'Psychonauts 2'

Psychonauts 2 is filled to the brim with vibrant scenery and colorful environments that you will want to capture and share with your friends.

A designated photo mode has been included to allow you to do this but, unlike in most games, this is feature is not accessible from the very beginning. Here is Newsweek's guide on how to unlock it.

How to Unlock the Psychonauts 2 Photo Mode Gadget

To unlock Psychonauts 2's photo mode you must first reach a certain point in the main story. It is relatively early in the game, when you exit the Motherlobe and head out into the quarry for the very first time.

Once you leave the Motherlobe, go straight ahead and cross the lake to Otto's lab. There are markings on the floor that will point you in the right direction, but the enormous building itself is quite hard to miss.

In terms of crossing the lake, you can either hitch a ride on a rowing boat or just follow the signs to the edge of a walkway (near the parked aircraft). When you do this, a series of levitating platforms will rise from the water to help you reach the other side.

Once you are in Otto's laboratory, speak to the eccentric scientist at his workshop counter. You will have multiple dialogue options to choose from here, one of which allows you to enquire if he has any gadgets that you can borrow.

If you select this option, then Otto will gift you the "Thought Tuner" (which allows you to reach parts of the world that are otherwise inaccessible) and the "Otto-Shot" device. The latter is an in-game camera, activated by holding down the right button, that pauses the action and lets you capture perfectly composed screenshots. This is Psychonauts 2's version of a photo mode.

Psychonauts 2 Otto's Lab
You will need to speak with Otto at his workshop to collect the Otto-Shot camera. Double Fine Productions

How to Unlock Photo Mode Filters in 'Psychonauts 2'

The base version of the "Otto-Shot" will enable you to pose Raz, adjust your angle, zoom in on little details and obviously capture screenshots. Incidentally, doing this will earn you the "Shutterbug" achievement.

Yet if you want to experiment with different photo filters then you will need to shell out some in-game currency. Each of these add-ons costs 75 psitanium and can be purchased from the OttoMatic vendor machines. There are five in total for you to purchase. They are:

  • Psitonium
  • Achromatizer
  • Classif-eyed
  • Hot Dog Spectralizer
  • Psychodelica

Once you have bought the photo mode filters, you will be able to cycle through them by pressing the up button while using the "Otto-Shot."

Psychonauts 2 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and PS5. As announced at this year's E3 conference, it is also one of many new releases that are heading straight to the Xbox Game Pass service at launch.

Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area Waterfalls
Equipped with the Otto-Shot, you will be able to pause the action and capture dynamic in-game screenshots. Double Fine Productions