Watch Bar Owner Fight Crocodile With Frying Pan, Send It Running

A tense video clip shows the moment an Australian pub owner fought off a crocodile with a frying pan.

The video, seen above, shows pub owner Kai Hansen face-to-face with a crocodile. The animal appears to dash towards Hansen, at which point he uses a frying pan to hit it twice on the head.

After the second strike, the large reptile quickly turns away and retreats toward some bushes.

Kai Hansen hitting crocodile with pan
A screenshot of the video of Kai Hansen hitting a crocodile with a pan. Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours

The incident appears to have occurred at Goat Island Lodge, a remote establishment located on an island on the Adelaide River, as part of a helicopter tour carried out by Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours.

The tour company posted the clip to its Facebook page along with the caption: "Goat Island isn't your average pub and King Kai isn't your average publican! You just never know what he'll serve up next."

Within around a day the clip had been shared at least 14,000 times and had received around 3,500 comments.

In the comment section, one Facebook user posted his own video of the crocodile encounter from a different angle. Slightly longer, it shows how it is Hansen who approaches the crocodile first, which was laying on the ground apparently not far from the pub. When Hansen gets near, the crocodile rushes towards him.

Hansen told the Daily Mail Australia: "I wouldn't say it's an everyday event, but I've got to stay safe and do what I can."

Hansen and his crocodile encounters are well-known. The pub owner moved to the remote island several years ago despite the local crocodile population. Up until 2018 he used to own a small dog called Pippa that would charge at crocodiles to scare them back into the water, which itself made national news. However, that year one crocodile, known by Hansen as Casey, caught the dog and killed her.

"It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime," Hansen said at the time, adding that he didn't blame the crocodile. He said the crocodile had "had a go at me a couple of times" and that "these days I just throw food out from up the top and no one is allowed to walk down there."

In response to criticism from observers at the time, Hansen told ABC it was part of the dog's nature but that if he were to get a new one he would not let it chase crocodiles.

Some Facebook users were critical of the frying pan incident too. "I bet this guy gets fed and now the human wants him to go away," said one.

Newsweek has contacted Goat Island Lodge for comment.