Magnificent Footage Shows Enormous Crocodile Resting Underwater in Florida

Incredible footage showing an enormous, 15 foot crocodile resting underwater in the wilderness has been filmed by a wildlife expert In Florida.

Chris Gillette, wildlife biologist, presenter and videographer, captured the footage while on a solo snorkel dive in the Everglades. Gillette, who has 20 years experience working with the species, said this was the biggest crocodile he has ever been in the water with in the wild.

There are more than 1,000 American crocodiles in Florida. The reptiles have a fearsome reputation and swimming alongside one can be dangerous. However, they tend to be shy species and reclusive, and tend to stay clear of humans unless provoked.

It was the biggest crocodile Gillette has ever been in the water with.

Male crocodiles can reach about 20 feet in length, however they rarely exceed 14 feet in the wild.

The video posted to Gillette's YouTube channel shows Gillette swimming through murky water, before coming across huge, crocodilian footprints in the mud.

While it's not uncommon for Gillette to find footprints like this, he says that these tracks are particularly "massive." In the video, he says he knows an enormous reptile must be close by.

As Gillette continues to explore the water, the visibility gets increasingly murky and "creepy." Then, in a particularly gloomy part of the water, Gillette sports the crocodile. At first, all he can see is the white of the creature's ginormous teeth.

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The camera moves across the crocodile's body, showing close-ups of the magnificent animal, as Gillette warns viewers never to try this on their own. The crocodile however, seems placid and relaxed, showing no inclination that it was provoked by Gillette's presence.

Gillette told Newsweek he was "pretty nervous" while on the dive, because of the crocs "massive size." However he said hopes the video can educate people that the species are not "mindless killing machines."

"These are intelligent thinking creatures that make decisions based on the situation and the actions of those involved," he said.

That is not to say it is not dangerous, Gillette said. "People should always stay out of the water where crocodilians are present and I have had several attack attempts on me, but I hope to teach people to not think in the extremes," he said. "I was very careful and cautious and thankfully the croc was very calm throughout and showed no interest in me at all.

"I understand them very well so to some extent I have a general idea of what they're going to do, but at the same time they can be very unpredictable as they're masters of ambush hunting and camouflage, with millions of years of evolution perfecting their ability to not give away what they're about to do until the last moment."