'Purraise The Sun': Internet Melts Over Kitten Experiencing Sunbeam

A re-posted video showing a curious kitten's reaction to a beam of sunlight has gone viral on the Reddit forum "Cats," amassing more than 24,000 votes since it was shared.

The sweet clip showing the young cat's interest in the ray of sun prompted viewers to share their appreciation for it, while some wrote that their own cats exhibit similar behavior.

"Kitten experiencing sunbeam for the first time," read the title of the post, which was posted by u/randomcommenter9000.

One commenter noted that the video was taken by Yige, otherwise known as @fostersxyz, and shared to her Instagram page. There, the video was viewed more than seven million times since it was shared in early April.

Cat Sun
A viral video clip showing a kitten's first experience with a sunbeam is circulating the Internet. Above, a stock image of a cat lounging in some sunlight. StarinskyMagic/iStock

The small kitten sniffed at a small rectangle of sunlight on the floor before it began pawing at the air. It waved its paw around, seemingly trying to catch something before the video ended.

A piece published by Hepper, a pet furniture company, explained that many cats enjoy sunbathing for a few different reasons.

For example, a cat may seek out the sun to help regulate its body temperature, which can sit up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

"The house may be quite chilly for an animal with a high temperature, so it only makes sense for your cat to seek out the sun," the piece stated.

Additionally, cats may simply take delight in relaxing in these spots.

"They like resting in cozy places, so they may go out in the sun where they feel nice," the piece read.

Though enjoyable for cats, pet owners are encouraged to ensure they don't stay out in the sun for too long in order to avoid any potential issues, like sunburn and heatstroke.

"Vets advise that your cat shouldn't spend more than 40 minutes in the sun," the piece recommended.

If temperatures are especially hot, a cat's time spent sunbathing should be limited to between 15 and 20 minutes.

Yige wrote to Newsweek that the kitten's name is Fez, and she is being fostered through a local non-profit.

She noted that while Fez is curious like other kittens, she is also "extremely laid back" compared to her more "rambunctious" sisters.

Yige and her husband Justin have fostered kittens and other baby animals for two years with Orphan Kitten Club.

"I work full time as a dentist in my own practice and I happened to capture this video on a day that I decided to come home on my lunch break," Yige said. "I initially saw Fez looking curiously at her shadow and decided to start filming and had no idea she would do what she did with the sunbeam."

Redditors took to the comments section to express their delight with the sweet clip.

"This is so cute, haha," one viewer wrote. "It loves it but has no idea how it works. I need to see the video when it figures out that it just needs to lay there."

"Purraise the sun," read a comment.

A few Reddit users theorized that the kitted pawed at the air because it was swatting at dust particles that it saw in the light.

Another viewer wrote of their own cats' love for sunlight.

"We kept two rolling office chairs in my home office for our two cats," they explained. "And it was my job to roll the chairs around to keep them in the sunlight for as long as humanly possible. Failure to do so was met with judgemental glares."

Many viewers also shared their love for the original post on Instagram.

"Adding this to my "it's been a long day here's a kitten" folder....," an Instagram user wrote.

One shared that they call the sunspots "sun puddles" in their own home.

Wrote another, "The sweetness of trying to catch a sunbeam."

Yige said she did not expect the video to go viral, but noted that Orphan Kitten Club is reviewing applications for Fez's adoption.

"We are hoping to find her a loving forever home in southern California," Yige said.

This kitten is not the only pet enjoying time in the sun—a photo of a dog sunbathing also went viral on Reddit after it was shared on the "Aww" forum.

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Update: 04/18/22 4:10 p.m. ET: This article was updated with comments from Yige.