Python Pops Out of Toilet While Unsuspecting Man is Sitting on It

A 45-year-old man in Thailand had what could be described as the worst bathroom experience of his life. The man was reportedly sitting on the toilet like any other normal day when he suddenly felt something bump his rear end from inside the bowl.

According to Yahoo News UK, when the man peered down, he saw a giant python staring back at him.

After seeing the snake, the man, known only by his first name, Somchai, reportedly jumped off the seat and raced to pull up his pants. Spotting detergent on a nearby shelf, he is said to have dumped some on the python, hoping to scare it away.

The python, however, was reportedly unfazed by Somchai and his detergent and decided to stay put.

Emergency services were called to assist in the March 28 incident, which occurred in the Samut Prakan province of central Thailand.

A video of the ordeal captured volunteer Kaitisak Meesaeng, a member of the responding rescue team, attempting to lure the python out of the toilet.

Meesaeng is seen watching the snake, waiting for its head to emerge from the toilet bowl. Should he act too soon, he could startle the snake, sending it back into the drain where it could escape.

Wearing protective gloves, Meesaeng grabs the python's neck as soon as it peeks its head far enough out of the toilet bowl.

The clip also shows footage from after the snake had been successfully retrieved from the toilet. Meesaeng holds the snake for the camera, highlighting its enormous length. The snake is then placed into a bag, which was reportedly used to bring the creature safely back into the wild.

Python in Hand
All over the world, people have reported finding snakes in their toilets. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Describing the importance of safely retrieving the snake, Meesaeng reportedly said, "This could have been much worse as pythons are aggressive and will bite people." He added, "We also had to be careful not to lose the snake as the resident did not want it living in his pipework."

As terrifying and bizarre as it may seem, people all over the world have reported their own versions of this unsettling—and dangerous—experience. In October, for example, a woman in Thailand was bitten by a 7-foot python after sitting on the toilet. The next month, a python was found "hiding out" in a toilet in Australia. Snakes have also been known to find their way into other household appliances, like dryers.

Luckily, no one involved in this most recent example is reported to have been injured in the incident.

For those who might be particularly nervous about finding a snake in their toilet, Somchai's ordeal can act as a reminder to always check the seat before sitting down—you don't know what you might encounter.