Family Discovers Lint Coming From Clothes Dryer is Actually Caused by Dead Snake

You might want to be careful the next time you find abnormally large quantities of lint in your freshly-dried laundry—the cause might be something scarier than your average mechanical issue.

According to Orlando station WKMG, a Groveland, Florida family learned this lesson the hard way when, over the weekend, they discovered a dead snake "jammed" in their dryer.

The Pring family noticed their dryer was blowing out more lint than usual and called repairman Darrell Cobble for assistance. At first, he assumed the issue was caused by a "faulty motor."

Upon inspection, however, Cobble noticed something unusual. "There's a dead snake in there," Alyson Pring remembers Cobble saying.

It appears that the blockage from the snake's body was the reason for the excess lint.

"I was like oh—that's what caused the motor to blow," said Pring.

While it's a rare occurrence, Cobble says snakes do sometimes manage to get into dryers. Dryers often feature grates in order to stop snakes and other animals from entering the machines. Unfortunately, the Prings' dryer was not equipped with one.

The species of the snake found in the Prings' dryer is not currently known.

Snake Head
The Pring family discovered a dead snake "jammed" in their dryer after the machine started malfunctioning. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Snakes are well-known for finding their way into household items and appliances in instances documented around the world. Earlier this month, for example, a woman in Australia discovered a carpet python snake in the middle of her dinner table. The snake, which kills by suffocation, had "likely entered the home in pursuit of prey" and was found "resting."

Another example features a woman in Tucson, Arizona who was greeted by a ready-to-pounce rattlesnake alongside her food delivery. A photo of her porch, taken in February, shows the bag of takeout food alongside a small, decorative statue—behind which, a coiled rattlesnake can be seen lurking.

And, in a particularly horrifying tale, a teen in Thailand was taken to the hospital in November after suffering a python bite while sitting on the toilet. Despite there being "blood everywhere," the snake, which had been hiding inside the toilet when the teen sat down, was not venomous. All his wound required "was a bit of sterilizing and a few stitches."

While the Pring family plans on keeping an eye out for future issues with their dryer, they are relieved that the ordeal has been dealt with. Alyson Pring says they are "glad" the snake "was dead, done...and ready to go."