QAnon Believers Claim JFK Jr. Will 'Reappear' in Dallas, Declare Donald Trump President

QAnon followers have gathered in Dallas, Texas, where they believe John F. Kennedy Jr. will reappear and announce Donald Trump is president.

A large crowd of QAnon believers descended on the AT&T Discovery Plaza on Monday, ahead of the supposed return of the deceased JFK Jr. before midnight today.

The Daily Beast contributor Steven Monacelli shared several photos that showed a dozens-strong crowd, with some wearing t-shirts that said "Trump: JFK Jr. 2024."

The conspiracy followers gathered in Dallas ahead of an event on Wednesday, where they believe JFK Jr. will make an announcement at Dealey Plaza.

Dealey Plaza is the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963.

Newsweek has seen numerous QAnon follower accounts where users have posted photos of themselves in the plaza or on their way to Texas ahead of the mass gathering.

All those who shared posts included phrases or mentioned lore that is widely known among members of the QAnon conspiracy movement.

Conspiracy followers also believe the clocks will go back an hour, that people will adopt the Julian calendar and that the date will go back to October 20.

There is currently a large crowd of what appears to be QAnon believers at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in downtown Dallas. A popular QAnon theory recently is that JFK Jr. of the Kennedy family will be making a big announcement at Dealey Plaza by the grassy knoll sometime tomorrow.

— steven monacelli (@stevanzetti) November 2, 2021

The QAnon conspiracy, which originated on online message boards, holds that an elite global cabal of Satanic pedophiles is engaged in mass child sex trafficking and that, somehow, former President Donald Trump will expose this group and order its members arrested and sentenced to death.

Aspects of QAnon lore "mirror longstanding anti-Semitic tropes," according to the Anti-Defamation League.

This parallel can be seen with the blood libel trope where it was falsely believed for centuries that Christian children were sacrificed by Jews for ritualistic purposes.

But there is a section of the QAnon conspiracy movement that has also latched onto the belief that John F. Kennedy Jr. will reveal he did not die in a plane crash in 1999 and will help usher in a new period of American prosperity.

The outlandish theory posits that JFK Jr. has been in hiding for more than two decades and would return as Trump's vice president.

A popular QAnon Telegram account with more than 100,000 subscribers echoed the conspiracy in a Monday post and said Trump would be reinstated as president and JFK Jr. would be named his vice president.

The post continued to claim Trump would then step down, meaning JFK Jr. would become president and name Michael Flynn as his vice president.

It continued to push a messianic narrative, with the post adding Trump would "most likely" become king of kings, failing to elaborate on what that would entail.

JFK Jr. is a popular figure among QAnon followers and several accounts using his name and photos have amassed tens of thousands of followers on Telegram.

At least two accounts seen by Newsweek, with a combined following of more than 140,000, encourage users to buy "Trump Coin," which they claim will skyrocket in value.

But, the belief that JFK Jr. will return is too far-out for other followers of the QAnon conspiracy movement.

John Sabal, who organized the QAnon For God & Country: Patriot Double Down convention in October, said the belief JFK Jr. would return made the conspiracy movement "look absolutely insane."

Sharing the prophetic-style post from the aforementioned popular Telegram account, Sabal added: "Here's another example of new-age blasphemous hot garbage propaganda that's currently in circulation.

"None of this is of our true movement or was ever mentioned in a single drop. Never Ever. There is only one king of kings and that is our lord and savior Yeshua/ Jesus Christ. This couldn't be more wrong."

In another post, shared today, Sabal implored QAnon followers to spread their message at public meetings and added: "JFK J. dead or alive won't help us. Get involved in your community, go to every meeting, let your voice be heard. Help ppl [people] wake up. Be nice about it."

Newsweek has contacted the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department for comment.

Since gaining prominence four years ago, the QAnon conspiracy movement has been rife with predictions that have failed to come true.

Among the most popular of the failed predictions was the claim that Hillary Clinton would be arrested, which originated as far back as 2017.

Another was that members of the elite child-abuse cabal would be arrested and executed under Trump's orders in an event known as "the storm."

The "storm" was referenced to much fanfare by Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel when he gave a speech at the For God & Country: Patriot Double Down convention in October.

JFK Jr. is a popular QAnon figure
JFK Jr. is a popular figure in QAnon lore and has been predicited to reveal himself on numerous occassions. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999. Getty

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