Thousands of QAnon Followers Urged To Run As Local GOP Officials

A hugely popular QAnon profile, which spreads unhinged conspiracy theories, misinformation about COVID-19 and Holocaust denialism, is urging its followers to run for Congress. This comes as other QAnon accounts tell their followers how to sign up as Republican precinct committee members.

The GhostEzra account, which has more than 338,000 subscribers, is one of the biggest QAnon accounts on Telegram. It shares wild and baseless claims too extreme even for other advocates of the radical movement.

These include that President Joe Biden is dead and has been replaced by a body double or actor James Woods in a mask, suggesting a number of high-profile female public figures are actually men and that the earth is flat.

Recently, the GhostEzra account has started to move further and further into antisemitism, frequently sharing neo-Nazi propaganda images and videos and posts disputing the Holocaust.

Because of its huge following, Arieh Kovler, writer and former head of policy and research for Britain's Jewish Leadership Council, tweeted in May that GhostEzra's account "might now be the largest antisemitic online channel" in the world.

GhostEzra has now followed other QAnon accounts in urging its followers to become more active politically, while using antisemitic and transphobic rhetoric.

"Folks listen up closely. We need some honest, non Zionist, non t******s running for Congress in 2022," GhostEzra said.

"The bar is low, you don't even need to have all your teeth. You will win by large margins too. Americans are fed up and won't be fooled or conned anymore by the left or the right. Anyone who's been in DC for years isn't to be trusted.

"You must check and make sure they aren't dual citizens to any other country."

GhostEzra then makes reference to Donald Trump's infamous "grab them by the pussy" comments, which emerged during the 2016 presidential election campaign, to suggest his followers sexually assault current politicians to make sure they aren't transgender.

"Also got to grab em by the p____ to make sure nothing's hanging. Now, do we have any applicants? Time to plan ahead. Candidates will be selected for you. We cannot afford that," GhostEzra said.

Among the thousands of replies to the post were people agreeing it's a good idea, with others asking how they could expect to afford to run for Congress, as well as those suggesting there's no point running for any election as it "will just be stolen."

"How about we fix the 2020 election first," wrote Jennifer Sheibley in reference to the false claim that QAnon's savior-like figure Trump lost in November because of widespread voter fraud.

Telegram user Tiffany Truscelli added: "Think about it, we wouldn't have to know how this whole political b******t works. We can run on the fact that we aren't pedophiles and don't eat babies."

According to a constantly updated list from Media Matters, there are already 35 congressional candidates who have supported or promoted QAnon running in 2022.

GhostEzra has gone further than other influential QAnon advocates, who in recent weeks have been urging people to take part in a plan called the "precinct strategy."

The plan involves getting people to apply for precinct committee officer positions so they can then play a part in electing people into higher-up positions in the Republican party.

Those promoting the "precinct strategy" claim that there are hundreds of thousands of positions available because they are not known to the wider public.

"Do you want to get active and not sure what to do? This would be a good place to start," CJTruth, a popular QAnon supporter with more than 153,000 subscribers on Telegram, wrote while sharing a video about the precinct strategy on June 2.

The one-minute video hosted on Rumble states that they need "American First Patriots" to fill the 200,000 available precinct committee seats.

"It's time to fight, and kick the RINO's out," the video adds. "Help take back our party."

As reported by Media Matters, other influential QAnon profiles such as Praying Medic, Major Patriot and "kraken" lawsuit attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have also promoted the precinct strategy plan in recent weeks.

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Supporters of Donald Trump fly a U.S. flag with a symbol from the group QAnon as they gather outside the U.S. Capitol January 06, 2021 in Washington, D.C. A hugely popular and anti-Semitic QAnon profile urging its followers to run for Congress. Win McNamee/Getty Images