OANN Presenter's Calls for Mass Executions in U.S. Excites QAnon Supporters

Followers of the radical QAnon conspiracy theory have reacted with glee after a One America News Network (OANN) presenter called for the "traitors who meddled" in the 2020 election to be executed while falsely claiming the democratic results were a "coup" against Donald Trump.

In a segment to camera, OANN's Pearson Sharp suggested that the "radical democrats left fingerprints all over the country" that showed the election was "not only tampered with, but was actually overthrown"—a claim which has not been proven more than seven months since the vote took place.

Sharp then goes on to suggest that all those who he claims helped Joe Biden win the election, including those carrying out the dismissed GOP-led audit in Arizona, should face execution for committing treason.

"How many people were involved in these efforts to undermine the election? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? How many people does it take to carry out a coup against the presidency?" Sharp asks.

"And when all the dust settles from the audit in Arizona and the potential audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin, what happens to all these people who are responsible for overthrowing the election?

"What are the consequences for traitors who meddled with our sacred democratic process and tried to steal power by taking away the voices of the American people? What happens to them? Well, in the past, America had a very good solution for dealing with such traitors: Execution."

Sharp then makes the disputed claim that there are "numerous indications" that foreign governments including China and Pakistan helped Biden become president while reiterating his calls for any American citizens involved to face the death penalty.

"The bottom line is that no one is above the law. And let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they are," Sharp said. "The consequences are clear. And those responsible will be brought to justice for their role in undermining America's democracy."

There's a real fascist vibe to this One America News personality calming calling for the execution of potentially tens of thousands of Americans over fake voter fraud claims. pic.twitter.com/wm4E0qVJaf

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) June 24, 2021

The clip was posted and shared on social media by followers of the extremist QAnon movement. In the past, QAnon supporters have eagerly awaited the mass execution of satanic pedophiles and the "deep state" working against Donald Trump as part of a prophecy known as "the storm," which they predicted to be carried out at Biden's inauguration on January 20.

QAnon followers have also urged a Myanmar-style military coup in the U.S. in order to overthrow the government and restore Trump as president.

"It's Happening. Huge Red Pill! OAN is prepping the masses for Treason. I've yet to see anything like this on television up to this point," tweeted Teresa AnnMarie while posting the clip.

The video was also shared by QAnon accounts on encrypted messaging service Telegram, including one with more than 183,000 subscribers.

"Hot dang! Now THAT is news reporting! Saying what's true and damn the consequences," wrote one Telegram user after the clip was shared in a channel with more than 29,000 subscribers. "Finding myself watching more and more of OANN and less and less of all the rest."

Another profile named Brainfood added: "Is it bad that I giggled a bit? We have had enough!"

The clip was widely condemned on Twitter after it was shared by reporter Will Sommer, who covers QAnon for The Daily Beast.

"There's a real fascist vibe to this One America News personality [calmly] calling for the execution of potentially tens of thousands of Americans over fake voter fraud claims," Sommer tweeted.

"I came across the clip because QAnon people are [seeing] it as proof that the mass executions are right around the corner. Lots of glee in the Q chat rooms, demands for how exactly their imagined executions will be carried out and complaints they had to wait too long."

While sharing Sommer's post, former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Jesse Ferguson tweeted: "This is what the right wing controlled GOP is about...."

Twitter user Tom Brown added: "Republicans' favorite 'news' network calling for mass executions of 10s of thousands of 'traitors' they claim stole the election from their divine God-King Trump. Lies, lies and more and more dangerous lies. These people will not take reality as real. They hate reality & us."

OANN has been contacted for comment.

QAnon executions
A flag for the QAnon conspiracy theory is flown with other right wing flags during a pro-Trump rally on October 11, 2020 in Ronkonkoma, New York. QAnon supporters reacted with glee after a One America Network (OAN) presenter called for the "traitors who meddled" in the 2020 election to be executed. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images