QAnon Followers Suffer JFK Jr. No-Show in Dallas As Another Prophecy Fails to Come True

Dozens of QAnon followers gathered once again at the site of John F. Kennedy's assassination in the hope of seeing his son return, despite having died decades ago.

Videos and photos posted Monday showed a crowd converging on a bridge over Dealey Plaza, holding pro-Donald Trump banners, on the 58th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

The QAnon followers, including one of the group's apparent leaders Michael Brian Protzman, were also seen driving in cars through the plaza with pro-Trump flags and chanting slogans including "let's go, Brandon," an anti-Joe Biden saying popular with Republicans, videos show.

A driver in a car branded with QAnon slogans also briefly stopped traffic under the bridge, which drew a huge reaction from the followers.

Unsurprisingly, John F. Kennedy Jr. did not reveal himself to the crowd as he died in a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, in 1999.

Undeterred, the QAnon followers held a nighttime vigil for JFK Sr. with the candles then being placed on the ground in the shape of a Q, referring to the supposed figure within the United States government who claims to have had access to top-secret information.

The conspiracy theory has been debunked and the QAnon movement has fractured since the election of Joe Biden.

But, the group gathered in Dallas is considered on the fringe of the QAnon conspiracy movement, even by other followers who are now more focused on pushing unfounded claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.

The group gathered at Dealey Plaza on Monday was part of a much larger group of hundreds that descended on Dallas earlier in November apparently in the hope of seeing JFK Jr. return to announce Trump as the true president.

Dozens of members had also attended a Rolling Stones concert in the hope of seeing JFK Jr. appear on stage.

One of the promoters of the prophecy, Michael Protzman, known as Negative48 on certain online platforms, has remained in Dallas with a core group of followers in the weeks following the failed reveal of JFK Jr.

Protzman has 97,760 subscribers on Telegram and has been praised by followers for his use of gematria—a process that turns words or phrases into a numeric code that can be applied to events. An example is the number 666 being associated with the devil.

Following the failed appearance of JFK Jr., Protzman appeared to lean into the negative reaction he received and was seen wearing a tinfoil hat—a nod to the people who fall too deep into conspiracy theories.

Newsweek has seen Telegram posts in Negative48-associated channels where followers have asked for donations in order to afford to stay in Dallas using the payment service Venmo.

Katy, from Arkansas, told Newsweek her sister—whom she did not want to name over fear she could be placed at risk—is among the group in Dallas.

She has described the QAnon followers in Dallas as a "cult" and said her sister gave the group $200,000, which led to her becoming a "favored" member.

Katy said she and her sister were previously "very, very close," but that changed around the time of the 2020 presidential election.

She told Newsweek via social media app Twitter: "The things she said were just insane. She tried to 'wake us up,' that's what she calls it for a long time but we were not aware how far this had gotten. She left for Dallas and we didn't know.

"Her husband reached out to us and told us everything that has been happening essentially the past nine months. We had no idea. He had basically lived in hell. She stopped doing wife/mom things and her entire world became all about Q."

Katy later added: "I don't know who this person is, but she is not my sister anymore. She's a stranger and I'm mourning the death of the person she used to be, just a truly wonderful person. I don't know how she got so sucked in, but it happened. And now we're at the point where she is all in.

"She's been appointed 'the ambassador of Africa'—I seriously am just blown away at the insanity of this—and she was picked as a chosen one to stay in Dallas by Negative 48. They apparently had ones he chose who stayed and who left. She was picked to stay.

"This is just cult mentality to a t. They've brainwashed her and it took some time to do that, but she's all in."

In a personal call to her sister, Katy added: "If this reaches her, I want her to know: We love you, we miss you. You are loved beyond measure. Just come home."

JFK Jr. is a popular QAnon figure
JFK Jr. is a popular figure in QAnon lore and has been predicited to reveal himself on numerous occassions. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999. Getty